Monday, February 7, 2011

From LA Examiner: Guest Stars Abound! Katy Perry on 'How I Met Your Mother', John Larroquette on 'Chuck', Chad Lindberg on 'The Cape' + Bonus 'Castle'

"How I Met Your Mother uses Katy Perry to cut emotionally tense episodes"

We’re just going to say it right now: NO, Katy Perry is NOT the titular mother. But kudos to those entertainment outlets that try to get a rise out of fans anyway possible. From the slideshow and promo clip to the left you can see that her on-screen connection is not actually with the man of the half-hour anyway... [MORE]

"Chuck may be engaged now but tonight he'll still be vs the "Seduction Impossible"

The romantic ending of last week’s Chuck would have been the perfect place for the series to end for a mid-season finale. Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) welcomed their baby girl into the world; Chuck (Zachary Levi) got his girls out of Volkoff (Timothy Dalton)’s clutchs in the knick of time; and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) said yes to his proposal. Or at least so it seemed. But scheduling got in the way and thankfully we won’t have to endure another hiatus (even a brief one) before diving right into the next all-new episode, “Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible"... [MORE]

"The Cape: Chad Lindberg hacks into Palm City"

Last season when Chad Lindberg came back to Supernatural for an episode, it was one of the highest rated episodes of the season. His fans rally and they rally hard! So this is an official call to arms for all of them to tune into The Cape on NBC tonight for his special guest appearance. Yes, the show’s order was just cut to only ten episodes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be strong (and potentially decently rated) episodes! ... [MORE]

"Seamus Dever comments on Castle & Beckett’s infamous kiss + more"

Seamus Dever spent quite a few years playing the “bad guy” in a number of seriously dramatic television shows before landing the role of Kevin Ryan, a somewhat lighter, looser, more fun detective in ABC’s Castle. Though he is more than enjoying tapping into his comedic side, especially on a set where the cast keeps each other laughing and having fun even when they’re filming into the wee hours of the night, he admits that he loves opportunities to tap back into his darker side. Needless to say, the most recent episode, “Knockdown,” in which Detective Ryan found himself on the emotionally heavy end of an unorthodox interrogation was welcomed by the actor who has spent his hiatuses from the show performing in equally heavy theater, such as King Lear... [MORE]

"Mad Love features all the charm and heart that How I Met Your Mother used to"

There has been quite the critical (and fan) backlash against How I Met Your Mother ever since about midway through the fourth season when it became clear that the writers knew they were in it with CBS for the long haul and didn’t want to spill the beans too early on the central mystery. In deciding not to allow us to meet the mother early and therefore get to see the courtship for their not-always-so-lovable protagonist, they ended up producing a lot of stand-alone episodes that often just fell flat. LA TV Insider Examiner admits we were one of the disappointed lot at the turn the series took, and now, a few years later, we finally have our out: we can just watch CBS’ new comedy about New York City friends falling in love, Mad Love, instead! ... [MORE]

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