Thursday, February 3, 2011

From LA Examiner: Laughing With (Not At) The Comedy Geeks of 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Community' & 'Parks & Rec'; Judy Greer Geeks Out Over 'Mad Love'

"The Big Bang Theory displays unexpected conditions of dance and learning"

After that infamous road trip on The Big Bang Theory, it would appear that the gang might want to go without speaking to each other for a little while. Or at least without speaking to Sheldon (Jim Parsons). As much as he is completely set in his ways and independent about a lot of things, he’s not truly self-sufficient, though. Tonight he may have a bit of a breakthrough…not necessarily to make him able to function without relying on his friends to drive him around and give into his every quirk but at least to try to take a step to become better. Hmm...and all along we thought Sheldon was the constant, but here he goes trying to change? What gives!?... [MORE]

"How does Community manage to make Dungeons & Dragons look cool??"

If you had to pick a Dungeons & Dragons player out of the Greendale Community College gang, you’d think it was Abed (Danny Pudi), wouldn’t you? He is something of an introvert: relating through pop culture, film, television (and assumedly video games). He can also be quiet and reflective (see his reaction backstage at the anti-drug play and his charting of the women’s…cycles). It has been equally established that he didn’t have the easiest childhood and even his own father couldn’t communicate with him. But all of those reasons may just be a bit stereotypical, and Community is all about going for the more clever jokes... [MORE]

"Parks and Recreation: Twilight and time capsules take over Pawnee"

It’s a big day for the Pawnee Parks Department, as Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) prepares her staff to bury a time capsule in a local park. It is supposed to be a little slice of life in Pawnee from the year 2010, but it is also supposed to document the history of the town. So needless to say, it becomes a huge undertaking, especially because Knope allows the townspeople to weigh in and vote on what items should go in. And it all starts because of a copy of Twilight... [MORE]

"Between Archer and Mad Love, Judy Greer pulls double duty this season"

Who would consider Judy Greer, bonafide movie and TV star matronly? Well, thankfully not CBS! Though the chameleon comedic actress shared with LA TV Insider Examiner that some of her recent film roles (ones that will be released sporadically over the next year or so) have been more subdued, straight-laced and yes, matronly, her newest television show is one in which she gets to shine in all of her quirky, biting glory. And isn’t that how so many of us came to know and love her anyway? ... [MORE]

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