Thursday, February 24, 2011

From LA Examiner: LeVar Burton Continues His Sitcom Guest Star Streak; 'Community' Hosts A Student Election; Falling in Love with 'Perfect Couples'...

"The Big Bang Theory officially marks LeVar Burton’s comeback"

LeVar Burton may have not really gone away from film or television, but it has been a few years since he portrayed a role that catapulted him to icon status. Back in eighties and nineties, though, he was constantly on the tip of pop culture’s tongue. From Lieutenant Commander Georgi La Forge on Star Trek to the live-action host of the half-animated PBS educational series Reading Rainbow, he fast became a hero to nerds everywhere. And that’s all without even mentioning his history in the making role of Kunta Kinte in Roots. Burton was a big part of a lot of youths’ lives, and now those youths are grown-up (at least in numerical age) and many of them are working in television themselves, too. So what better way to honor one of their biggest influences than by writing him into their shows—as a very special guest star, playing himself? ... [MORE]

"A Community hosted election? Everyone comes out a winner in that one!"

“The school is running for student body president,” Community series star Alison Brie previewed tonight’s episode, “Intro to Political Science” for reporters last week. “Essentially Joe Biden is coming to the campus, so the Dean is frantically trying to set up some sort of student government"... [MORE]

"Falling in love with NBC’s Perfect Couples"

We didn't expect it to happen. We were completely taken by surprise. We started out just tagging along while waiting for something better to come along but slowly, surely, our attention was piqued. We began to laugh at their jokes; we began to lean closer to hear more; we began to anticipate seeing them again. NBC’s newest relationship comedy (and newest Thursday night comedy in general) may not be quite living up to its “perfect” name yet, but week after week, and episode after episodes, it’s getting closer. Just like the couples within the show, the series itself felt like a bit of a mismatch at first, but now that we are getting to know it, we are truly falling in love. Here are the top five reasons you, too, should tune into Perfect Couples... [MORE]

Next weekend marks the Los Angeles stop of The Official Twilight Saga Fan Convention thrown by Creation Entertainment, in conjunction with Summit Entertainment. Stars from the hit vampire film franchise will meet and greet their fans at a one-of-a-kind weekend extravaganza being held at the Marriott by LAX from Friday March 4th through Sunday, March 6th... [MORE]

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