Monday, February 28, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Mad Love' Is Truly 'HIMYM' 2.0; 'Castle' Plays With Fire...And Ice; 'The Event' Returns...

"Mad Love shares pretty specific story points with How I Met Your Mother"

We really like Mad Love. We really like the whole cast, and we really like the fact that it looks at two very different kinds of relationships when both are still so obviously meant to be. We’ve been rooting for it long before it premiered, seeing ourselves in some of the quirks and characters. We even like the similarities to its Monday-night lead-in How I Met Your Mother, but we have to admit that those similarities keep increasing as the episodes go on, and it’s getting a little crowded in here... [MORE]

"Will Beckett and Castle’s true feelings heat up a really icy situation?"

Even if you haven’t seen CTV’s promos for tonight’s Castle-- and if you're in Los Angeles, you probably haven't had a chance to-- you’re not really freaked out that Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are in danger of freezing to death like the guy they found at the end of “Set Up” (Part 1), right? After all, you’re all savvy television viewers, and you know the series is coming back next year, so they can’t kill off their leads! But what you probably are (and most likely should be) worried about is a reprisal in “Countdown” (Part 2) of what happened the first time around, when they were held in the radiation quarantine together but unfortunately interrupted before they could reveal their true feelings post-kiss... [MORE]

"The Event: Should we have been preparing all this time for its winter arrival?"

NBC is doing something very smart in their marketing of the two-hour winter premiere return for The Event: they are treating it like a second season premiere, as if to say that old grievances should be left at the door because this is a whole new show. But in actuality it really is just a return: there was not time between the filming of the first half and second half to really retool the show, nor did the writers and producers feel that was entirely necessary. Instead, after delivering much needed answers about what Sophia (Laura Innes)’s people are and what they are planning in the part one finale, they are prepared to deliver on the action and suspense of taking the story to the next level. The question now is, though, is it too late? Is it too late for the American people when Sophia’s people descend, as after all the greatest strength is in numbers, and is it too late for our own American people to care? ... [MORE]

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