Thursday, February 17, 2011

From LA Examiner: The 'Modern Family' Expands; Allison Janney Adlibs Her Way Through 'Mr. Sunshine'; "Threat Level Midnight" Finally Premieres...

"Matt Dillion and Shelley Long may just be the new it couple of Modern Family"

Modern Family
is celebrating a birthday tonight! Well, one of the characters is, anyway, and we are just glad to be invited...especially because the rest of the “Princess Party” guest list seems to go off the rails a bit... [MORE]

"Allison Janney inspires Mr. Sunshine to just do whatever it wants"

When Matthew Perry was conceiving the characters to make up the employees of the Sunshine Center in his new sitcom, Mr. Sunshine, he immediately thought of an actress he worked with before and has always held in the highest regards to play the owner of the sports arena. Now, if you’ve already seen the show and know what the character is like, you may take that as something of an insult. After all, Crystal is “out there”“ wacky and at times flippantly ditzy and almost leaning towards mean. But Perry knew one woman who could take such a character and actually make her fun and likeable. And luckily for all of us, she agreed... [MORE]

"How does Community solve a problem like Pierce?"

Chevy Chase is known around the Community set, the entertainment industry, and Los Angeles in general for being able to cut up in any situation, as serious as it may be. On talk shows and industry panels he often makes funny faces and stages pratfalls, stealing the spotlight from whoever may have been talking at the particular moment. He’s just a natural born comedian, and he lives to make those around him laugh with (or at) him. Art doesn’t always imitate life in that way on Community itself, where the Greendale study group seems to get annoyed by Pierce (Chase) than be amused by him, but even still they rally around him when he needs them most... [MORE]

"The Office welcomes the return of Rashida Jones, Melora Hardin & David Denman"

You can admit it: the first time you heard the cast of The Office sit around and read Michael Scott (Steve Carell)’s original script you want to see the full feature film. Michael Scott, err we mean, Michael Scarn’s secret agent work, coupled with a dumb and bumbling sidekick “Dwigt” and of course the hot girl that he must win over sounded like the perfect comedic spoof of James Bond. Without intending to be a spoof, of course. Well, tonight we won’t have to wait any longer when the premiere of “Threat Level Midnight” finally hits the nation! ... [MORE]

"PaleyFest '11 panelists announced"

PaleyFest 2011 (held once again at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills) announced their events last month and now we have a list of the majority of stars and showrunners who will be attending to represent their respective shows. See below for the full list as we currently have it. Moderators (where announced) are also listed... [MORE]

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