Sunday, February 6, 2011

From LA Examiner: Rocky Roads for Jennifer Beals on 'The Chicago Code', 'Glee's Sue Sylvester, and Even The Weddings of 'Shameless'!...

"The Chicago Code: Where does Jennifer Beals end and Theresa Colvin begin?"

The premiere of The Chicago Code on February 7th marks the return to network television for Ms. Jennifer Beals, an acclaimed actress whose personal strength and gumption may finally have a chance to show itself on-screen. In The Chicago Code, Beals portrays Theresa Colvin, the first female Superintendent of the Chicago police force. It is not a title she takes lightly, nor is the responsibility that comes with simply acting the part taken for granted by Beals... [MORE]

"Glee’s special post-Super Bowl episode pays respect to Sue Sylvester and L.A."

Today is usually a pretty dark day for LA TV Insider Examiner. The Super Bowl means that football and its fans take over television-- for less than twenty-four hours, but still enough to make a dent in our usual watching habits. Usually it is a day that we have to bust out old TV on DVD just to get our fix. But not today! Today FOX heard our upset and gave us something to sink our teeth into: a brand new episode of glee, featuring the one and only anything-but-angelic Sue Sylvester front-and-center… and with quite a few nods to our own city of Angels, too... [MORE]

"Even Shameless’ weddings are unorthodox!"

"Going to and they're gonna get ma-a-arried!" It has been a rocky road for the Gallagher clan of Chicago thus far. We have seen how they struggle to stay afloat when monthly bills come due; we have seen them struggle to stay together as a family when one member goes missing and when the government threatens to step in; we have even seen them struggle with each other at times. So they deserve a break, right? They deserve a night to just celebrate in the happiness of their friends and kick back and relax a little! And how better to do so than with a wedding? ... [MORE]

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