Sunday, February 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Shameless' Chooses NOT To Sober Up; There Is Nothing Bad About 'Breakout Kings'...

"Showtime gets even more Shameless this week with child-brides, sobriety & secrets"

We honestly don’t know how the writers and producers of Shameless do it but week after week they take controversial, could-be-off-putting character quirks and turn them into exactly what charms the audience... [MORE]

"Breakout Kings: We dare you not to root for A&E’s newest underdog con-drama"

What is most interesting about A&E’s new crime drama, Breakout Kings, is not the premise of former criminals helping a U.S. Marshal to bring in new fugitives. It is not even the Ocean’s Eleven style of snazzy individuals and their sharp tongues. Honestly, it’s not even methods this unorthodox team will use to bring in the bad guys because just like every other procedural, this one has to cut some corners for time and story’s sake. No, what is most interesting to LA TV Insider Examiner about Breakout Kings is the fact that the inherent goal for everyone on this “task force” team is simply hoping for a second chance-- a chance that they are not willing to extend to those they hunt down to return to jail. They are not your typical underdogs but they just may be the truest ones in the sense of the term... [MORE]

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