Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day-- From My TV...

I more often than not find myself single on Valentine's Day. It's not a holiday I ever care to really celebrate (if you're in a relationship, you should treat each other well every day), but let's face it, I will never pass down an opportunity to eat more chocolate! Or watch adorable, handsome men do adorable, handsome-- or sometimes do some not-so-adorable and even slightly menacing-- things. But for better and for worse I love them anyway. So here's to my TV Valentines of 2011! Any girl would be lucky to have a date with them, even if just for an evening.

Supernatural's Dean Winchester. Well, duh, right? He broods with the best of them and could kick anyone (or any thing)'s ass in a fight over you. Well, me.
Chuck's Morgan Grimes. He has come a long way since his long-haired days of goofing around the Buy More, killing time and wasting his brainpower. He has matured maybe more slowly than some others, but he has turned into an honorable man, who is always good to his girl.

Cougar Town's Grayson Ellis. He's kind of emotionally closed off, but he's confident in his sexuality! Besides, I don't like talking about serious crap much anyway! And who could resist a serenade of one of his ingenius little ditties?
Parenthood's Alex. He has no last name. And he has pretty rough, terrible times. But somehow he seems to have pulled himself up from it all and become a man that is almost too good to be true.
The Event's Sean Walker. It's not every day a boyfriend would risk his own life to find out what happened to his girlfriends' parents; most would probably just be happy there is no big, scary dad to answer to!

Who is your TV Valentine this year?

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