Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(I'm) Still A Work in Progress...

Growing up, I never needed literal superheroes to life me up and fly me to a better world. I got more than enough out of the non-traditional ones of very specific television personalities who did so metaphorically. While still stuck in the confines of my tiny apartment den-turned-bedroom, I used the worlds I saw in television comedies and an occasional drama to transport me to a better one than my own. And I gravitated towards those worlds that sort-of, kind-of, maybe resembled mine even just in scenery and tone so that I could believe I, too, could someday walk among the smiling, happy people. That meant no aliens, no ghosts, no caped or web-shooting men of any kind. But these days something has changed.

I like to think now that I am an adult I have matured to the point where I can recognize good storytelling is just good storytelling, regardless of if there are supernatural elements involved or not. But really I think it's just that as I've gotten older and went out on my own, I've finally gotten more comfortable with my surroundings. I like the world I live in now. At least enough not to constantly wish I could be lifted out of it and into one I previously only saw on my television screen. So now I look at these stories from a different perspective; I look to them for pure entertainment value.

It's probably the reason I've been able to embrace shows like Supernatural and The Cape without commenting on the elements of them that I don't believe exist. Or even Castle, where they readily break jurisdiction but I no longer even care.

I would never say that I have become a passive viewer. I really can't say that, considering I write about most of the shows I watch. But really, I write about them because I have so many opinions, and I have to channel them somewhere. It's a wicked cycle, I guess.

But though I still have thoughts and opinions and grievances (oh, so many grievances!), I admit I don't hold television up to the same standards as I used to. That's not to say that I'm willing to put up with sub-par dialogue or unrealistic moments, but I don't look at the shows as an alternate reality anymore. I have more fun with them; I don't need them to mimic the real world and teach me how to mature into someone who can function in their world.

You tell me: is that growth?

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