Thursday, February 10, 2011

It May Not Be Texas Forever, But It IS The Taylors Forever...

This past weekend was spent with football for the majority of Americans, whether they had a team in it or not, so for once My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture wanted to join the masses, see what all the fuss was about, and immerse myself in football, too. Naturally I spent the weekend, therefore, re-watching season one of Friday Night Lights. Not only was it the perfect way to celebrate the Super Bowl, but also the series finale that just aired on DirecTV, as well as this upcoming Valentine's Day. After all, Eric and Tami Taylor are the perfect TV couple, don't you think?

I do. And I know quite a few other people in this business who agree. In fact, just last week while doing an interview with an actor in one of the very many, new relationship comedies, he pointed to the Taylors as to the most real, relatable, and yet still perfect-for-each other couples on TV right now. And again, with that we must agree.

They're not perfect in general, but they are perfect for each other. They don't sweat the small stuff, and they certainly have disagreements and moments where they don't see eye to eye. They're not in the lovey-dovey, honeymoon stage of their relationship, but you don't need to see them hugging or kissing or making goo-goo eyes at each other in every scene to feel the love that is so very apparent. They just are. And what they are is a great fit.

The Taylors are who I like to imagine Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski grew up to be. Because, you know, it all relates back to Saved by the Bell with me!

Eighteen years. It's how long the Taylors have been together, and next year, it will be how long the Morris' have been married, too. Kelly was always Zack's strongest cheerleader-- and oftentimes literally-- while Tami, too, spends a lot of time cheering for her husband and his team on the field but also supporting his decisions at work and at home. And yet both couples have had their more than rocky times. "Zack" even went on The Jimmy Kimmel Show to say they separated (though I prefer to believe they're still working through their problems much the way the Taylors were).

Zack and Kelly had countless other people come between them from time to time, but for the Taylors the only real wedge in their relationship was the game of football, Eric's only mistress. Yes, they have argued about moving to a new place for a new job a few times in a relatively short period, but it always comes down to the fact that they will sacrifice and compromise for each other. And when one does, seasons later the other remembers and steps up when it is his turn to do so. Even when they are mad at each other-- even when they take it out in short, clipped, biting sentences or by roasting each other at a banquet, they always soften and remember what is really important. Life together is better than life apart. All the rest is just stadium noise.

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