Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Non-Traditional TV Reunions I'd Like To See...

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture is a sucker for a good (non-traditional) reunion. You know what I'm talking about: like how Jimmy Fallon brought the cast of California Dreams onto his show to do a live performance of their theme song. It was creative; it was unique; and perhaps most importantly, it was unexpected. That's what made it truly memorable. And now CharityBuzz is upping the ante by auctioning off dinner with the cast of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Talk about a memorable reunion experience! So it got me to thinking about what other shows, and in what other ways, I would love to see the casts come back together, perhaps even to raise a pretty penny for charities in their own right. Here are my top choices, even if some are pretty darn obvious:

Saved by the Bell. I have two words for you: PaleyFest panel. Come on, you have to admit you've wondered why the non-profit organization, which is known for putting together television reunions, hasn't taken a crack at this cult classic yet. The loose cannon stylings of Dustin Diamond would surely make it an evening unlike any other, and I'd be curious to see which of the smaller (recurring or simply extras) characters they also brought to the stage. There are quite a few famous faces who got their start at Bayside!

Home Improvement. How about we do a little good for a great cause and build a home for a needy family with Habitat for Humanity, Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and the rest of the cast? We can finally see if all of those years pretending to have a cable access tool show actually taught the cast anything or if they're just as clueless as I am about why there needs to be multiple kinds of screwdrivers.

Reno 911. This was one of those perpetually "on the bubble" shows that ended up getting an additional season after the previous one was assumed to be the last and therefore went out with quite a (literal) bang. They changed cast members, created some great new story lines, and then the axe officially fell just when I was beginning to really enjoy the new blood. They're all improv comics, so I'd love to see them-- all of them-- get back together for an engagement at a comedy club or the Palladium. A live show of a brand new, original episode script-- poorly acted PSAs and all!

Scrubs. A jam session. I know that sounds a little weird and random, but remember their musical episode and how awkward yet perfectly fitting it was? This cast seems fun enough to actually be up for such an evening, and you know, not everyone in the cast is doing much these days anyway so they could easily put together a set list and have ample time to practice.

Friends. Okay, I'm going to have to steal CharityBuzz' idea for this one. I want to have dinner with them all, and having them all around a table at once, well, the stories are just bound to start flowing as natural reminiscing takes over. Oh, to even be a fly on the wall! (And if dinner is a no-go, how about a simple cup of coffee?)

Dance Til Dawn. I am not going to explain what this movie is. If you still don't know, you clearly aren't paying enough attention to this site. This one would actually benefit quite nicely as a straight reunion/set-up for a sequel or spin-off movie, and in fact, I penned a version of the script. It is called Dance Til Dusk and centers on the twentieth reunion for Hoover High's Class of '88, which accidentally gets double-booked on the night of the current class' prom. It's a way to bring back the nostalgia as well as open the audience to today's own youth. Okay, okay, so the twentieth came and went already, but that can easily be tweaked. I see this as a franchise!

Arrested Development. A cruise. What could possibly be better than the cast getting together on the open sea, a place where so many poignant moments happened for their characters? The New Kids on the Block do fan cruises where they mix, mingle, and perform, so why not the comedy stylings of amazing actors? They don't even have to perform any original material; a condensed script of their greatest hits can easily be compiled out of the genius three seasons they did get.

Veronica Mars. An interactive mystery game experience ala The Accomplice: Hollywood or any Murder Mystery dinner theater. A small group would attend, alongside a number of the actors from the series, and everyone would be given a specific part to play. Some would be working with Veronica and Keith to solve the case, while others would be the suspects and even a rival detective agency, trying to bring in the guilty first and take all of Neptune's future business.

Pushing Daisies. A pie crawl. Like a pub crawl, but with pie. Basically an excuse to sit around with celebrities and eat sweets. Could never be a bad day, in my book!

And it's not a reunion since the show is coming back for a third season, but I bet a lot of Eastbound & Down fans would die to play a game of baseball with Kenny F-ing Powers himself! Maybe someday...

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