Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One To Watch: Lindsay Sloane...

You may know Lindsay Sloane best (or at least I do) as the up-and-coming actress who landed the big TV "girl next door" role in The TV Set, but she has also starred in Help Me Help You, as well as guest starred on memorable episodes of shows like How I Met Your Mother, The League, Entourage, and Funny or Die Presents... And tonight she is adding another to that list when she appears on Mr. Sunshine as the "crazy" sister of the fire-starter and blind date for Matthew Perry's Ben. And if you've been watching that show, you know that crazy is a term that could apply to most of the characters, but if it is only being thrown out there for her, well, that should be saying something!

Sloane has a tendency to light up a screen, no matter how big or small. And despite working in this industry for a number of years and have a long (and impressive) resume without a huge name-making hit,
she still radiates an enthusiasm for the work that usually only comes off those who are still new to the industry. She can still do the sweet and lovable "girl next door"; she can be quirky and dry when the moment calls for it; and apparently she can even convince you she's cray-cray. She's a true comedic chameleon.

And she isn't stopping here, especially not if her friends have anything to say about it. When I sat down with Tyler Labine (of Mad Love) to ask him which cool comedic actors he'd like to see guest star on his new sitcom, he pointed to Sloane right away. Both he and his own on-screen counterpart, Jason Biggs, are good friends with Sloane, so should the series get a second season, she has a pretty good shot of coming on!

And, of course, it's pilot season so you'll want to keep an eye out for her name popping up soon!

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