Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Open Letter To Lea Michele...

Dear Lea:

You are very talented, but you are also very lucky. Do you know why? You can hit high notes; you can hit hard notes; you can do things vocally that many young girls (and some current pop stars) probably can only dream about. So you landed yourself on stage at a young age, in a musical that was all about being loud, being brash, and being in-your-face aggressive. That may have been well-deserved and well-earned; I don't really know your history; you didn't cross my radar until you were about to show up in my home, on my television. And it was only then that I realized to what extent you are also lucky.

You were lucky that it was Ryan Murphy who saw something in you because Ryan Murphy is a big picture guy. He heard your pipes and figured he could use you to his advantage, but at the same time, you used him to launch yourself and your career.

You're lucky the show that the network wanted to make is much, much more Disney-fied than the one Murphy originally pitched. You're lucky you're on a show at all. Because without it, I really have no reason to believe you ever would have made it in the recording industry. Because just because you can hit the notes does not mean you understand the words of the songs you sing, nor the sheer power of the meaning behind them. You belt with the best of them, but you have no emotion-- no rawness, no passion, no soul.

Technical proficiency can only get you so far; the other part of the battle is the heart. And I have yet to see any from you.

If you had left RENT alone, I would have kept my opinions to myself and just let the hoards of little Tweens who idolize you follow you blindly. But you couldn't keep your big mouth shut, so now neither can I.

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