Friday, February 25, 2011

'Supernatural' Drinking Game: "The French Mistake" Edition...

I don't drink. But that doesn't mean I think you can't. Admittedly there are a lot of screeners I am sent that I actively acknowledge would probably be a lot more fun or interesting if I was as incoherent as those who made the program appeared. Supernatural is not one such example; I enjoy that show readily every week; I willingly stay home on Friday nights to watch it live and show my support, even though it's futile because I don't have a Nielsen box; I marathon old seasons and episodes just as willingly and often. And yet even I can't ignore the seemingly perfect set up in this week's episode, "The French Mistake", for a variety of drinking games-- or for the really high tolerance-- some combination of them.

You can read my preview of "The French Mistake" here.

Do a shot every time....

  • Dean makes fun of one of the actors' names.
  • "Misha" Tweets.
  • "Bob Singer" says "Season six".
  • There is a reference to the fandom (just trust me-- this one alone will get you hammered).
  • Dean and/or Sam seems baffled by, or seems to forget that, everything is fake on a film set.
  • Someone assumes "Jared" and "Jensen" are equally drunk (or on drugs).
  • Someone is just happy the guys are talking to each other.
  • Dean looks like he wants to rip someone's head off...but can't because they're all just real, regular people.

Or, if you don't drink either, your shots can easily be ones of ice cream or bites of cupcakes or whatever floats your boat. By the end of the episode you will still sure to feel inebriated, too-- from your sugar high!

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