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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Like A Virgin" Tweetathon Round-Up...

Okay, so those of you who follow me on Twitter know I actually got a chance to screen "Like A Virgin, the first new episode back after a long, long hell-atus for Supernatural, earlier than the general public. Needless to say, when I sat down to watch it again on Friday night, when it aired "live" on the west coast, I already had some preconceived thoughts floating around in my mind. My Tweeting, therefore, wasn't completely on-the-fly. With SO MUCH happening in the episode, though, it was great to see them come back so strong on all accounts: the lore, the mythology, all four of our men, the humor...It truly felt like the show I fell in love with was back on track!

What's that old Twilight Zone about a gremlin on a wing of a plane? Maaaajor vibes right now. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- I agree, Cas, Dean should have just killed his brother outright. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam? #nosoftspotforSam

- I literally clapped the first time I saw Kim Johnston Ulrich's name in the credits. #Passions FTW! #Supernatural#SoulfulSam?

- Oh my that is a long hug. Sam, you old softie! #Supernatural#SoulfulSam?

- How come starving is the only way #Supernatural knows how to show a human fully restored? Think: Jimmy / Cas #SoulfulSam?

- "Me and Death" -- best opener to a story EVER. #Supernatural#SoulfulSam?

- I hope Dean is right that Death won't come a'calling anytime soon b/c he held up his end but...this is #Supernatural!#SoulfulSam?

- My new acronym: WTPF? "Why the poop face?" Take THAT, Phil Dunphy! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- I'm kind of having a hard time looking at #SoulfulSam?, too, Bobby. I just don't buy it that he's back to "normal".

- Whoa, #SoulfulSam? why aren't you asleep? Only #SoullessSam didn't need sleep. Hmmm....

- "I was with them for a year- Lisa and Ben. It didn't work out." Dean Winchester: King of the Over-Simplification. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Aw Dean's smile over his brother being back is just sooo damn adorable! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Hey Dean, if "baked cookies for the Lord" was code, what exactly would it be code FOR? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Oh Sam, so she was 22. I'm not sure I believe YOU were younger than that when you lost YOUR V-card. #SoulfulSam?

- Heh. The kneesocks are a nice touch. #Supernatural#SoulfulSam?

- "No, we don't think you made it up, cra-- I mean, we think YOU believe you saw it. A giant bat, did you say?" #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- In horror movies the virgins seem to be immune to psycho killers. But in #Supernatural only the...uh...defiled escape with just scratches.

- Oh Dean, you're judging her a little bit...aren't you? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Fave quote in 3...2... "What kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" "P. Diddy?" #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- If Dean doesn't know WoW, does that mean he doesn't know D&D either? I smell a #Supernatural / #Community crossover opp! #SoulfulSam?

- Wait, did Bobby just say the Lochness Monster is real? Marshall Erikson is SO validated right now! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- I could totally do without seeing the virgins in their cages. The metaphor for chastity is OVERWHELMING. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- So Bobby "forgetting" to think of Dr. Visiak was one of those convenient memory slips. Interesting. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Blades he got, lady. Be more specific! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- If she didn't think dragons were still around, why would she go to so much trouble to obtain a sword? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Sword in the Stone moment coming in 3...2...AWESOMESAUCE! Dean's face is priceless :) #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- No, for real; I want to see Dean & Sam "killing time" by playing D&D one week. We already saw what Bobby does on his days off! #Supernatural

- Why is everyone still trying to protect Sam? Tell him, Bobby; let him scratch at the damn wall! Self-destruct! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- And why does Castiel still answer him? Does he just need to view the trainwreck for himself? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Oh Cas, really? You fell for that? How have you learned NOTHING in all of your time on Earth-- with these guys? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Not true, Ivy Crane: The Colt is PLENTY valuable! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Aw, Dean, no "Sonofabitch?" I'm disappointed in you! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- "We'll just have to get a little closer is all"- Dean surprisingly did NOT say this to or about a virgin tonight. #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- The dragons have their own version of John Winchester's journal! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- Okay, Dean, you know what Comic Con is but not WoW? Me thinks you're posturing a bit. Embrace your inner geek!

- Nice synergy CW: running a commercial for 90210 in which they joke bout sacrificing a virgin during a #Supernatural

- Oh wait, that's definitely Jared's old #SoulfulSam face. Maybe he really is back completely. I just hope it's not permanently.

- Burning the whole city down would be a welcome change from all the crap you have pulled, Sam, unwittingly or not! #Supernatural

- Which is worse: A suit of human skin or a book of human skin? #Supernatural discussion group topic #892

- Poor Crowley...a day late, a dollar short. You bet on the wrong freaks, buddy! #Supernatural #SoulfulSam?

- So if the first virgin thrown in was "pure" enough, do the others get set free? They didn't seem to need all of them to rouse the Mother...

- You're not letting something in; youre letting something out. Wherever Mother of All has been, it has obviously been containment/confinement

- Okay bitch, you had one real line; you couldn't even deliver that right? #Supernatural #SoulfulSam? #MotherofAllisLAME

- I get that the Mother of All is supposed to be the new big bad, worse than anything they've ever seen. But she is SO disappointing compared!

- If you want to top Frederic Lane, Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard, hell even the Rubys and the Megs, you need to get a really strong actor.

- Le sigh, #Supernatural, you're lucky you're still pretty!

Closing Remarks: First off, I feel like I need to apologize. All of this time since my previous Tweet-a-thon for Supernatural, and I feel like I let you down with lack of witty or at least snarky retorts to the craziness playing out on-screen. Maybe I'm just tired tonight; it has been a long day of editing and fighting with website templates and an even longer week of interviews. But that's not really an excuse. I think I was off my game because I had already seen "Like A Virgin" three times by the time it finally aired on The CW, a week after its originally scheduled airdate. I remember cracking myself up with my commentary while screening it for the first time, late one night over a week ago. But I didn't jot anything down; I thought by the time the live screening rolled around I'd have fresh material. Unfortunately the delay in airing seems to have affected my creativity, too.

But maybe I just couldn't snark because for the first time in what I think has been a long time-- all season thus far anyway-- the storytelling was perfectly solid. The script had a nice mix of serious moments and its own, somewhat twisted, brand of humor that we have all come to know and love. There were certainly strong moments for Dean (Jensen Ackles) to shine, which was a welcome and surprising change. In an episode beginning with all eyes on Sam (Jared Padalecki), it was nice to see his brother have something to do, too. Because let's face it, this season there hasn't been a whole lot for Dean to do. And as a "Dean Girl" (or just a Jensen Girl) I have been waiting for that to change.

I honestly expected this episode to take many more potshots at virgins than it ended up doing. An odd amount of respect was paid-- and I say odd because it's Dean, and he has such a wicked and twisted sense of humor, and if anyone could poke fun at a serious subject and get away with it, it would be his charmingly smirky face. Anyway, an odd amount of respect was paid, and not a lot of time was devoted to the topic in general. The episode tried to juggle a lot, and because of it most plot points were pushed along at a rapid and slightly unrealistic clip. Thankfully there was Bobby (Jim Beaver) to not only keep the show grounded but to be the voice of reason in the whole Sam situation. Dean may just want to pretend everything is okay to get his family back once again, but Bobby knows that after everything they have been through-- everything Sam has put them through-- the smart thing is to be a bit more cautious.

The entrance of "Mother of All" was something The CW asked me to keep quiet when writing my preview piece about the episode and the return. When I first saw the note, I thought "Of course! That's a big deal and a big change, and I would never want to spoil it! Half the fun is the reaction when you go in not expecting it!" But then after I saw the scene myself I began to wonder if they embargoed it because they knew we'd rip it apart. After all, the concept of "Mother of All" is awesome and just as big as we imagined, but the actress they got for the role...well, isn't. The CW went for style (aka looks) over substance it seems once again here. Maybe the idea of a young, almost virginal looking "Mother" was intentional in order to capitalize on the irony. But it looks like they were just going for the T&A factor because she had three lines to deliver-- three lines that could have been haunting and memorable and the perfect episode closer-- but because she could not deliver them well, they fell flat and the episode ended on the exact opposite of a cliffhanger.

Personally I think there was a real missed opportunity here. The Mother of All could have been some really strong, really fearless, really kick-ass woman-- perhaps even someone genre fans know and love already. Sigourney Weaver (or her type), for example. Hey, Chuck managed to make it work with Linda Hamilton! Besides,
Kim Johnston Ulrich was such an interesting character just mere moments earlier in the episode that the imbalance between the two became that much more apparent. I certainly hope to see her and Bobby actually air their grievances with each other. Or make up; whatevs. Bobby deserves some lovin', too, okay!?

So "Mother of All" isn't really holding my attention yet, but the idea of Sam being unable to avoid scratching at the wall; he has always been very questioning in nature and it only makes sense that he wants all of the answers and knows Dean won't give them all up. Things are rarely what they seem with Sam, and he went back "to normal" so quickly, so easily, and so...anticlimatically that I can't believe that's all there is to it. I can't wait to see if he begins to flit in and out of himself as his body battles his soul-- perhaps even rejecting the clearly ill and wounded "organ" that has been shoved back into his body.

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