Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Unforgiven" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- Oh, Mitch. I love you, but I honestly would have been find if I never saw Samuel again. #tootiredforahashtagtonight

- Well, well, look who was right about Sam not quite being soulful...

- No Dean in the teaser? Danielle no likey!

- Oh wait there he is! Yea! Ha Mel Gibson possessed. Wonder what Dean thinks of Lindsay Lohan.

- That was a nice shot of Jared's ass right there. Too bad his jeans are so baggy.

- Women disappearing. Hmm, they just did that last week. I assume these aren't virgins, though; there are so few left in the world!

- Sam having image flashes of past or future or whatever and then lying to Dean about it. Well...they haven't done that in awhile.

- "Poop deck." Hee

- Sam is the worst actor ever. Note Im not saying that about Jared but Sam. He cant hide the fact that he has no idea what this lady is saying

- "Sex rehab." Seriously, Dean has always been the more topical one. Sam's references are usually dated.

- Are Sam and Dean squatting now? There is no way a hotel can charge for a dump like that. Small town, bad economy, or not.

- Huh. Dean telling Sam not to visit the same place again is a bit of a hypocrisy. He's done it before. Doesn't anyone else remember Cassie??

- Just once I would like #Supernatural to use the alias "Burt Maclan, FBI." It would be a nice crossover.

- Oh never mind, I guess Sam is still behind the wall. Damn.

- Good luck trying to find an act break, CW; this episode's intensity just keeps building!

- Yea a #DaysofourLives reference! Too bad it was with Sam. He won't get it. But Dean...Dean knows what life in Salem is like!

- Since Dean's leather jacket was stolen, maybe #Supernatural's wardrobe dept will get him a red windbreaker as a replacement. #whendoolmetspn

- "You're going to need to tie me up." Oh these women are not written very well at all.

- Light not going on in basement/garage when chick needs to get more alcohol. Chick accosted next. Hmmm #Scream did it first!

- Oh Dean, don't be impressed. Don't ever be impressed. Unless you're looking in a mirror.

- I'm going to set my own Dean-trap. I'm going to lure him over with bacon cheeseburgers and beer and classic rock. And then I get to keep him

- Oh Sam, who ARE you? :(

- At least my fear of spiderwebs has now been rationalized.

- Oh really, Sam, you did some bad stuff in this town? What about all the bad stuff you did in the WORLD???

- Nice creepy serial killer wall, Sam.

- Like father, like son. Getting a guy killed when he's bait. #Supernatural always said Sam was most like John, even tho Dean wanted to be.

- So...are those webs mummifying these guys? I don't quite understand what this "thing" does to them or why. And I miss the days of explaining

- Another nice ass shot of Jared. In tighter jeans. Thanks,#Supernatural, you work fast :)

- You know who's NOT a hero? #NoSoulSam!

- This episode isn't meant to be funny, but Dean still makes me laugh.

- Thanks for explaining, #Supernatural, but did it have to be with an expositional monologue?

- "You killed one monster, you made so many more." - That is a nice metaphor for this show as a whole.

- Sam's seizure would be kind of scary except in the promos for next week he looks absolutely fine. And those fire FX were cheesy.

- The CW needs to give #Supernatural more money. They do a lot w/a little but I would like to see a real representation of Sam's skinned soul.

Closing Remarks: Sam, Sam, Sam. Season six is proving to be all about Sam. Sera Gamble, why are you having so much trouble giving Jensen something to do?? He's so versatile; please throw him even a splinter of the bone he's had in previous seasons sometime soon!

I have to be honest, I'm having a hard time coming up with some additional thoughts about
"Unforgiven." Maybe I'm just tired from a long week (and long day of Tweeting). Maybe it's because not much happened this time around. After all, we've been through episodes where Sam was trying to piece events of his life back together before. Let's face it, "Born Under a Bad Sign" was an extremely strong episode, and without a major reveal, this one wasn't going to come close to meeting the bar it set, let alone surpass it.

I'll admit it: episodes that are so heavily about Sam (Jared Padalecki) have never quite been my favorite, and anything that references his time without Dean (Jensen Ackles) makes me just itch with restlessness. I guess I need my doses of Jensen to be much greater than I realized. Padalecki has been holding his own lately, especially tonight, but something about this episode just felt off. Perhaps as off as Sam must feel right about now.

Things have set traps for the boys before, but this time I just had an overall feeling of "So what?" Maybe the stakes didn't feel that high; maybe I just still don't trust Sam and think it'd be better if a "thing" finally got him; maybe the pacing was just too slow and methodical (especially after last week's immediate results with Sam learning the truth and Mother of All actually being shown to us at the same time the boys were learning of her existence).

The one thing I did really, really love, though, was what Sam learned about himself during his time, um, shall we say on vacation from his soul? Sam has always been the sensitive, "wears his emotions on his sleeve (and on his face)" one, and now he has information on something he has done far worse than opening devil's gate. Because these actions were done purposefully. Maybe he really did put them out of a misery; maybe he just said that so he could leave town but no witnesses. If you're a person with no soul, you don't care if you're putting someone out of their misery or not. But Sam would have cared. He would have MORE than cared. And now he is going to have to live with what he did, and in true Sam style, he will most likely want the answers as to the hows, the whys, and the what else? What he learned tonight just (no pun intended) scratches the surface.

If you thought the Berlin Wall crumbling made a stir...well, you may want to bolt all your furniture to your walls and floors!

But because so much emphasis needed to be placed on Sam's journey, I feel like the "monster of the week" story got rudely shoved aside and only trotted out serve the greater emotional arc. There is always a give and a take with character work versus more genre formulaic or procedural elements, but never before "Unforgiven" did it feel so unbalanced. That expository monologue from the, ahem, "monster of the week," was the lowest common denominator way to wrap up his part of the story. It felt like the writers had worked so hard on Sam's recollecting that they forgot they needed to explain the other stuff and just shoved something quick in at the eleventh hour. And though it makes sense that if you have trouble juggling all this (because let's face it, there was a lot on the plate this week), you'd choose to focus on the greater arc than the one-time/one-week bit. It makes sense for the season's mythology as a whole. But it was still kind of disappointing because personally I was really interested in the purpose of those seemingly mummifying webs, but they were dismissed all too quickly. If nothing else, I hope that creature shows up again down the line so we can get a proper hunt with closure.

But I do want to point out that there was one really great, really strong, really metaphorical line in the episode that works for the series as a whole. After Roy explains that he was not human when Sam attempted to kill him because he had already been turned, he tells Sam that he may have killed one monster, but he made so many more. And that is true on so many levels: each time these guys visit a new city, a new town, a new community, they introduce a new group of people to the secrets only they knew previously. Each time, the web, so to speak, of knowledge about supernatural life grows a little bit. New minds are open to what was previously thought to be impossible, insane, or simply stories. They may save lives, but they are killing innocence. It may not be literal-- the sense of something lurking in the darkness-- but it will cloud their minds and perhaps plant an underlying fear nonetheless. And that's a whole other kind of monster that gets unleashed!

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Warren said...

I'm a really big "Supernatural" fan but this season is totally tragic, just beyond horrible. The writing is dismal. Plus, Jared Padalecki is the worst actor on tv, and there ain't no gettin' around that. I sure hope he's got a good investment team and that he's he's been savin' those pennies 'cause when Supernatural goes off--and that's lookin' like any day now--it's gonna' be hard out here for a Padalecki.