Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wii with the Stars: Chad Lindberg...

Dr. Badass was most certainly "in" last week!

Chad Lindberg himself stopped by My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture to take me on in Wii with the Stars-- and you know, to promote his guest appearance on The Cape, as well as the DVD release of his cult horror film I Spit on Your Grave. But of course since I know him best as Ash, who was "the new face of sexy" on Supernatural, we had to talk a bunch about that, too. After all, I've worked quite a few conventions and yet somehow had never crossed paths with Lindberg before!

After Tweeting me earlier in the day that he was excited about the interview and practicing before stopping by, I admit I was more nervous than usual for the interview. After all, the only time I turn my Wii on these days is when I'm doing one of these interviews, usually once a month. I had a feeling I was about to get schooled! Lindberg and I went two-out-of-three in tennis while chatting about everything from how similar Hicks on The Cape is to Ash (because on paper they sound very similar!), to his Supernatural audition (inadvertently), to what his own vision of heaven would be, and of course, interacting with his fans, to whom he says he owes everything.

For those of you who already follow Lindberg on Twitter, you may have seen his recent charity auctions advertised there. Lindberg believes heavily in helping "the babies," aka dogs since he is a dog owner himself and very quickly cliqued with my own puppy, Madison. He was a great friend to the Support Supernatural campaign to raise money for A Dog's Life Rescue last year, but he also shared he greatly supports research for a cure for breast cancer, as well. He is one genre star with a strong fanbase who knows how to use his popularity for good.

Lindberg was so open and fun and easy-going, as you will see from the video below, that I could have talked with him forever. I may just have to invite him back soon for a rematch!

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