Friday, February 4, 2011

Wii with the Stars: Seamus Dever...

Seamus Dever is a really good sport.

That was pretty obvious after the "Knockdown" episode of Castle, wasn't it? I mean, he was practically waterboarded! But for me it also became apparent during my first Wii with the Stars interview of 2011, in which he and I play Wii Golf and chat about all things Castle. After all, he admits it right off the bat: he's never played before. And he claims he's not so great at regular, real golf, either. But he was game to give it a whirl, and he actually got a couple of good shots off in between talking about Detective Kevin Ryan's impending nuptials and the potentially longer-term effects of those events in "Knockdown."

For example, did you know that Dever's real-life wife plays his wife-to-be, Jenny? He gave me the inside scoop on shooting the proposal scene and whether or not it lived up to his own ideas of romance. He also addressed rumors of a double-date episode and pontificated what a wedding would look like for the happy couple.

But the kicker? Dever made a promise right on-camera to his fans and Twitter followers, and as one of them, I am going to have to ask you all to help me ensure he keeps that promise!

Yes, Dever is a really good sport, but he also has a really great laugh. Long time fans of his may not have had much opportunity to get acquainted with it since he has played so many serious, and at times seriously bad, guys. Even on Castle where Ryan has a chance to lighten up from time to time, he still doesn't step over the line into silly. But with Wii Golf Dever more than had the chance to! Check it out below!

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