Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Castle' Investigates The Set of a Soap Opera; Lisa Ling Takes Viewer Comments on Controversial 'Our America'; Preview Community...

"Sneak Peek: Castle and soap stars collide!"

Castle is on a mini hiatus until March 21st, but boy does it know how to come back with a bang! In the next all new, original episode, "One Life to Lose", the crime mystery pokes a little bit of fun at star Nathan Fillion's own roots (he started in soaps!) with a daytime-themed drama. There is a show within the show, but the murder Beckett (Stana Katic) is called in to investigate is very, very real... [MORE]

"Lisa Ling & Gayle King take part in live fan discussion tonight!"

Our America with Lisa Ling doesn't shy away from controversial topics weekly, but tonight they may be taking on the strongest one of the first season. In a very special episode airing on the OWN Network, Ling visits the Naming Project camp to take an in-depth look at whether or not homosexuality is something that can be "prayed away." It is sure to stir quite the discussion, and the OWN Network knows it so they have scheduled a live discussion with Ling and Gayle King to air immediately following the episode... [MORE]

"Community takes its comedy stylings off campus for the end of the second season"

Community has already proven they can do a bottle episode perfectly, testing the waters by locking their main characters in during a zombie outbreak during the school's Halloween party and then going all out someone steals Annie (Alison Brie)'s pen and she freaks out and refuses to let anyone leave the study room until she gets it back. But they have also gone off-campus once in a while to explore their characters in a non-formal setting. And it appears that the latter is becoming the more and more popular story option for the show's writers... [MORE]

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