Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Dancing With The Stars' Pairings Announced; 'The Cape' Finale To Air Only Online...

I swear I'm not running out of steam; it's just that rare time in the world of entertainment where there is a lull-- mostly because it's pilot season, and I don't report on pilots until they're picked up. Because really, why get your hopes up (or get up in arms) when, like, ninety percent won't go anywhere anyway? But also because everyone's just on Charlie Sheen watch, and I already stated my piece about that, and I think it holds up. He may no longer have his job, but he still has no one in his life who is telling him 'no, this is a bad idea'. And so even if he's sober (which I actually do believe he is), he's still in his disease. The mainstream media is exploiting that disease, and in a few months, if he stays sober, his brain will clear from the fog so many years of substance abuse caused and he will just be embarrassed. No one wins in that situation. And when you remove all that, it's been slow for news...

"Dancing with the Stars pairings announced"

LA TV Insider Examiner doesn't usually write about a lot of reality television; we have other Examiners for that! But when we first saw the list for the celebrities taking part in this season of Dancing with the Stars, we knew we wouldn't be able to keep our big mouths (or laptops) shut for long! ... [MORE]

"The Cape season finale to air only on"

LA TV Insider Examiner was disappointed to tune into The Cape this past Monday and realize that it was the ninth and penultimate episode of the season. Somewhere along the way we had lost count of where the show stood, and its finale has certainly crept up on us! So we set out to prep an article about that season finale, only to learn that due to the two-hour winter premiere of next Monday, The EventThe Cape will be pre-empted... [MORE]

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