Thursday, March 24, 2011

From LA Examiner: Danny Pudi Pitches Ideas For 'Community' S3; Do You Ship 'Parks and Recreation'?; 'Chaos' Feels Misplaced on CBS...

"Community's Danny Pudi calls "Critical Film Studies" his most challenging ep"

Tonight is a big night for Community’s Abed (Danny Pudi)! It’s his birthday, and his pals at Greendale have already proven they know how to party numerous times over, so he is sure to have a fun time, right? Well, maybe. When we caught up with Pudi at the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest panel honoring the second season sitcom, he shared that he’s not really “in it” as much as you might expect-- you know, considering the party is for him and all... [MORE]

"Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman weigh in on "shipping" Parks and Recreation"

In a show about a small branch of a small town’s government, one might expect many dry, satirical moments at the mundanity of the daily grind, as well as some overtly quirky characters that just happen to find themselves in desk jobs. And Parks and Recreation certainly delivers that and then some. But what one might not expect-- or at least we didn’t expect-- was to find couples to root for as hard as we would any specific romantic comedy. And yet, Parks and Recreation delivers that, too... [MORE]

"Chaos feels like a USA Network show misplaced on CBS"

A spy within an organization of spies? Well, maybe more like a mole. There are so many things that go wrong on Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez)’s first day at the CIA in the new CBS hour-long spy comedy-drama not-quite-a-hybrid-but-more-of-a-mess Chaos, most notably and immediately his name accidentally being on the known terrorist (instead of the new hire) list at check-in, that it’s a wonder he still wants to work there after all. But for the kid who grew up learning Arabic while his brother was outside playing baseball, it is the opportunity of a lifetime: it is what he has literally trained his whole life for, and the only thing he really knows how to do. So when his new boss basically hires him just to report back on the inner workings of the department, he takes it, even if he isn’t jumping at the chance he once was. And that can say it all about the series: many will just accept it, because it’s there and it’s easy, but it isn’t something about which to be excited... [MORE]

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