Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Good Wife' Spoilers; Elizabeth Mitchell Returns to 'SVU'; 'Supernatural' Rewrites History; 'Breaking In' Advance Review...

"The Good Wife writers offer spoilers, casting news during live-Tweet-a-long!"

Tonight LA TV Insider Examiner had vowed to stay off Twitter during the 7 to 8 (local L.A. time) hour because the writers of CBS' acclaimed legal drama, The Good Wife were Tweeting along with the episode, and we didn't want to be spoiled. But we happened to log back on a little early and caught wind of a breaking announcement regarding an upcoming guest star. Ready for it? ... [MORE]

Elizabeth Mitchell has guest starred in Law & Order: SVU before. But the series, which is in its 12th year, has already developed a habit of reusing guest stars and returning the most interesting ones in new roles, so it is really no surprise they would want to bring back someone of her caliber. And Executive Producer Neal Baer had just the role... [MORE]

Supernatural has been known to play with the boundaries of a lot of things. Heaven and hell, for one; the concept of death, for another. But when the fan favorite CW series finally returns from an extended hiatus on April 15th, it will change the course of history as we always grew up knowing it... [MORE]

To some, it seems Bret Harrison may have been rode hard and put away wet by Hollywood, but like any true artist, he refuses to give up, and his most recent venture, a half-hour comedy for FOX entitled Breaking In, has him playing to type as a tech-savvy college kid using his smarts to hack into the system and sell term papers and passwords. But he isn’t smart enough to cover all of his tracks and a top-notch security firm finds him hiding in the holes within the university’s system. Instead of ruining his life traditionally, the quirky head of the firm (played by Christian Slater) makes the kid come work for him. Breaking In is one part Chuck and one part Ocean’s Eleven for the small screen and all kinds of oddball excitement for Harrison’s Cameron Price and his audience by extension... [MORE]

"Bravo picks up 11 new reality shows and returns 5 faves for 2011-2012"

Bravo really is the leading network when it comes to reality television, isn't it? After all, it specializes in lifestyle programming and has created franchises whose models have been mimicked on competing channels. Today Bravo announced how they are planning to push forward and become even bigger and better: with the addition of eleven-- count 'em; eleven!-- new reality programs including new docuseries and spin-offs from some familiar faces. Bravo is truly about branding a personality, but how many of these will you find fabulous? ... [MORE]

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