Friday, March 25, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Lights Out' Canned But 'Archer' Renewed; 'The Killing' Deserves 5 Stars; ABC Summer of Reality TV; L.A 'X Factor' Auditions...

"FX knocks out Lights Out but renews Archer"

It's kind of bittersweet news that NY Magazine is reporting that FX' sardonic spy homage Archer has been renewed for a third season. We absolutely love the show and think it is severely underrated and deserves more mainstream fans, so we're happy to hear it will be returning (especially after this air-tight second season!). However the network, just hours before, cancelled its freshman family boxing drama Lights Out, which really put the pick-up into perspective... [MORE]

"AMC and Veena Sud have a Killing of a new crime drama"

Veena Sud may be the queen of the crime mystery thrillers. Cold Case still holds up as one of the most intriguing, and at times gut-wrenching, procedural series of all time. She knows how to take basic formulaic elements of suspense and violence and marry them together with rich characters, each experiencing his or her own emotional arc, in order to churn out creative and clever one-of-a-kind television. Give her the freedom of a cable channel, especially one that allows their talent to shine as freely as AMC, and her instincts truly know no bounds. Sud’s newest endeavor is The Killing, a murder series based on a Danish crime drama that is out to push the boundaries of strong storytelling on the small screen... [MORE]

"ABC's summer includes Rookie Blue return, Bachelor Pad + 5 new reality shows"

The alphabet network has finally revealed the premiere dates for some of their most anticipated summer programming, including the return of scripted cop drama Rookie Blue, only one new original drama, but the premieres of half a dozen new reality shows. Which ones have a shot at longevity? Read on for summaries, dates, and times, and weigh in in the comments about which you'll check out! ... [MORE]

"Attention Los Angeles area singers! Audition for The X Factor this weekend!"

Are you a singer or part of a vocal group here in the Los Angeles area? Are you and every member of your vocal group older than the age of twelve as of the beginning of this month? Are you a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.? Are you currently unsigned? Then you can head down to the open casting call for The X Factor! ... [MORE]

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