Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From LA Examiner: Marcel Vigernon Stars on Syfy; 'Body of Proof' Advance Review; 'Southland' Renewed & 'Perception' Picked Up...

"Q&A with Marcel Vigneron of Syfy's Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"

Marcel Vigneron made his mark on Bravo and the new wave of cooking reality programming when he appeared on Top Chef, but now with his new Syfy series Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, he is out to take what you thought you knew about fine dining and catering creativity and slice it up, throw in his own brand of flavor, and reassemble it into something bigger and better than you could have imagined. You will learn a lot, you will be in awe a lot, and you may just look at Vigneron a bit differently, maybe even like the modern day Shaman he would ever presume, but most definitely appears, to be... [MORE]

"Every body tells a story but Body of Proof isn’t worth watching"

Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney, ABC’s Body of Proof) appears to be vying for the “Smartest TV Doctor” title. In fact she seems to be vying for the “Smartypants TV Doctor" title, if the pilot of her new series is any indication of her character’s journey throughout the first season. This woman prides herself on knowing everything, being hardened to her surroundings, and not feeling the very human desire to be liked. Needless to say, she is a very specific personality, hard to deal with, and that latter trait is beneficial for her because no one seems to like her much-- not her family, not her co-workers, and not the audience... [MORE]

"TNT renews Southland and gives Perception a chance"

Turner Networks' TNT proved their network really lives up to its slogan of knowing drama today by renewing its hit series about troubled LAPD officers and their even more troubled streets, Southland, as well as giving the green light to the new series from Eric McCormack, Perception... [MORE]

"Perfect Couples to be replaced on NBC's line-up by The Paul Reiser Show"

What's going on, NBC? After we professed our somewhat surprise love for Perfect Couples, you cut our courtship short by replacing it on April 14th...and with The Paul Reiser Show? Really? ... [MORE]

"Syfy unveils summer series: Alphas, Haunted Collector, etc"

Syfy has quite a lot of new programming coming to genre fans' televisions over the next few months! While they have over a dozen new series and just as many original made-for-TV movies in the works, only the following have been officially added to their immediate upcoming schedule.... [MORE]

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