Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'No Ordinary Family' Adds 'Battlestar' Seductresses; TV Showrunners Hold Seminars in LA; Showtime Sets Summer Premiere Dates...

"Battlestar’s Lucy Lawless & Tricia Helfer stir things up on No Ordinary Family"

Some very special guest stars make this “No Ordinary Love” episode of No Ordinary Family a must see. First it is Lucy Lawless who comes in as the mysterious Mrs. X, and then there is Tricia Helfer as the sexy and dangerous Sophie... [MORE]

"Los Angeles' Meltdown Comics to host "TV Writing: A Four Part Series" seminar"

If you're not quite a comic book kid, you may not have spent much time at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles. We'll forgive you for that...for now. But just because they have 'comics' in the title of their venue does not mean that is all they are about. In fact, anybody who loves anything geek can find something there, and now aspiring writers can, too. Meltdown Comics will be hosting this year's "TV Writing! A Four Part Series", which is presented by the local non-profit 826LA and features some of the best writers and producers in television today. Don't want to take our word for it? Check out the (partial) line-up they've already announced below! ... [MORE]

"Showtime plans for summer premieres of The Big C, Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy"

It's been a busy week already for the publicists and productions over at Showtime! Yesterday it was announced that their two newest scripted hits, Shameless (Sundays at 10pm) and Episodes (whose first season has already come to a close), have been renewed for second seasons, and already the buzz began as to just what those seasons would contain. After all, Episodes ended with "Pucks" (the show within the show) getting the go from their own network, but it looked like the power team behind the show might be splitting up after Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Matt (Matt LeBlanc)'s epic fight over Beverly (Tamsin Greig)'s indiscretion. Will the writers use art to imitate life and create some kind of Chuck Lorre/Charlie Sheen feud between the "Pucks" showrunner and star?? Only time will tell! ... [MORE]

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