Thursday, March 10, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Parks & Rec' Plans Post-Harvest Festival; Kristoffer Polaha Hired!; Food Network Introduces Ice As Art; TNT Anounces Summer Dates

"PaleyFest reveals Pawnee’s future bright; Parks and Rec’s future still unknown"

Mike Schur made it a point earlier tonight at the Paley Center for Media's 2011 PaleyFest panel for his hit NBC sitcom, Parks and Recreation, to say that he and the other producers are all very optimistic that the series will get a fourth season but that officially, there was still no word from NBC, nor should we really expect one now. After all, those decisions are traditionally announced at the upfronts ceremonies in May; anything that procedes is an “early renewal"... [MORE]

"Chef Randy Finch and Ice Brigade raise the bar for culinary arts"

In Michigan, ice sculptures can be seen at so much more than just weddings, anniversaries, or milestone birthday parties. There the art form is truly appreciated as just that. Here in Los Angeles, though, where the weather rarely dips below sixty degrees (and when it does so many of us refuse to go out anyway), it is a bit harder to come by. We don’t have winter carnivals in temperatures that would allow an ice sculpture to be the focal point of the evening—not without it turning to a puddle by the end of the night anyway. But now we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out thanks to the Food Network and Chef Randy Finch who are not only bringing ice sculpting back but also right into our own homes! ... [MORE]

"TNT sets premiere dates for Franklin & Bash, Falling Skies, The Closer, etc"

This morning, TNT has unveiled its summer schedule, including the premieres of brand new dramas, Franklin & Bash and Falling Skies, as well as the returns of the popular The Closer and Leverage, to name a few. The network that knows drama is sure also proving it knows how to keep television viewers interested in staying indoors with their ACs during the beautiful, sunny days! ... [MORE]

"Kristoffer Polaha joins Sarah Michelle Geller in CBS Ringer"

LA TV Insider Examiner doesn't usually report on pilot season until all of the countless scripts that have been green lit have been produced and the various networks have made their decisions on what they think deserves more of a chance. There is no reason to get too attached if it's just going to go nowhere, right? After all, that leads to a lot of stress eating! At least around these parts. But LA TV Insider Examiner has had our eye on Kristoffer Polaha for a long, long time and promised back when his holding deal with CBS was announced that we would continue to update all of you on new developments. And today there is a big one! He has found his new CBS show and joined the pilot of Ringer, which also stars Sarah Michelle Geller... [MORE]

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