Sunday, March 13, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Shameless' Redefines Motherhood; Sara Ramirez To Perform at The Grove...

"Shameless depicts shades of gray when it comes to maternity"

If all we see is all we know, can we ever really break the cycle? Last week on Shameless Fiona (Emmy Rossum) walked out on her family much like her own mother had not all that long ago. It seemed like a moment of anger, an explosion of long-suppressed emotions that would perhaps blow over once she walked it off. Or so we might hope. After all, we want to believe that Fiona stepped it up and took care of her siblings once not merely out of obligation or guilt but out of legitimate love and concern for their well-being... [MORE]

"Sara Ramirez previews the Grey's Anatomy musical episode at The Grove"

On March 31st, Grey’s Anatomy is airing its special musical episode, and in order to give Los Angeles area fan a sneak peek at the whole experience, series star Sara Ramirez will be performing at Los Angeles' own outdoor mall, The Grove, this upcoming Tuesday, March 15th, at 2:30pm... [MORE]

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