Sunday, March 6, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Traffic Light' Gets Better With Every Episode; How We Meet The Mother on 'Shameless'...

"Traffic Light should have all greens from here on out"

We weren't exactly sold on the Traffic Light pilot, the new relationship comedy from FOX, but as episodes have gone on, we have realized that is because we tried to pigeonhole it in that rom-com category, and really the show is so much more than that. Yes, it features couples (and one single guy) at various stages in their relationships, but it features deeper friendships, and its characters at their respective jobs, too. The show is working hard to make them well-rounded, relatable individuals, and that isn't happening in many other rom-coms these days! We idled in front of FOX for a few more episodes to give it a more fair shot, and now we're giving it only green lights from here on out. It's funny, but it's believable, too, and that is a winner in our book. Consider the following strong points... [MORE]

"Showtime's Shameless: How We Meet The Gallaghers' Mother"

If you thought Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) was the worst parent in the world, well, just wait until you meet his ex-wife! Spoilers Ahead! That’s right, tonight on Shameless a claims adjuster (played by funny lady Alex Borstein, who also penned the episode) tells Frank that one of his settlements is going to come through, as long as both he and his wife sign off on the paperwork since when it was submitted, she was co-claiming. Of course he hasn’t seen her in a long time-- not since she walked out on the family when baby Liam was only two months old... [MORE]

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kathryn.krug said...

I am extremely against the US remaking all of these British shows, but I was pleasantly surprised with the US remake of Shameless. While it's definitely not the same, it nearly captures the same heart as the original.