Monday, March 21, 2011

From LA Examiner: YOUR 'Castle' Questions Answered; 'Nurse Jackie' & 'United States of Tara' Return; NBC's Summer Schedule; New TV Land Sitcoms...

"Castle goes meta and we answer YOUR "One Life To Lose" questions"

Castle, we love you, but you need to leave the meta episodes to shows like Community and Supernatural! “One Life To Lose” is intended to be an homage to the world of daytime television, and in part to series star Nathan Fillion’s own humble beginnings on One Life To Live, a soap opera that is still on-air to date. But at times it unfortunately seems more like it is making fun of such intense fandoms than honoring them... [MORE]

"Nurse Jackie spirals in season three but it's a riveting road to rock bottom"

Jackie Peyton is not a woman anyone should aspire to be. Though brilliantly portrayed by Edie Falco, the titular character in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie takes “anti-hero” to new heights as an adulterous pill-popping mother of two who has even begun to start lying to her husband about money. Though getting caught with a secret credit card and a P.O. Box might be enough to scare some straight, it’s going be a long and emotional road before Jackie hits rock bottom! ... [MORE]

"United States of Tara Season 3 proves the truth really doesn't set one free"

For two seasons, United States of Tara has been so heavily focused on a woman-- the titular Tara (Toni Collette)-- and her inability to fully process a trauma that occurred when she was a child. Her subconscious created alternate personalities to take over her psyche seemingly during the most inopportune of times. These “alters” as she affectionately calls them always seemed to screw up more in her life than they helped. Buck, a homophobic motorcycle man who swills beer and swears freely, slept with a local bartender; T, an overtly sexual teenager, consistently hits on Tara’s husband, and Alice, the Stepford wife of Wisteria Lane, drives everyone nuts with her need for things to be neat and perfect. But the emergence of Shoshanna, a bohemian therapist, who popped up just before Tara actually learned the truth about the abuse in her childhood, was a turning point. Though the alters may ruin Tara’s chances at so-called normalcy, they really are looking out, and taking on all of her pain and suffering, for her-- and never moreso than now! ... [MORE]

"NBC's summer schedule to star The Marriage Ref, The Voice + new reality shows"

This morning NBC revealed its new summer 2011 programming slate, featuring returning favorites America's Got Talent and The Marriage Ref, among the series premieres of The Voice and Still Standing-- to name a few. It's not all reality television, though, so read on for the premiere dates and times of what to look forward to when the weather gets hot! ... [MORE]

"TV Land picks up Happily Divorced, The Exes & more Retired at 35"

TV Land announced this morning that they are moving forward with three original scripted sitcom series-- Fran Drescher's Happily Divorced, The Exes starring Scrubs' Donald Faison, and the second season of Retired at 35, the anchor of Wednesday nights. The network still has quite a few other sitcoms still in development, so expect decisions on those soon! ... [MORE]

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