Monday, March 7, 2011

How Would YOU Be Cast In A Crime Drama Like 'The Killing'?...

It's time for a truth: when I was in high school the only books I really enjoyed reading in my spare time (other than Stephen King novels) were tales of true crime. I had everything from FBI profiling textbooks to criminal classification manuals to gruesome re-tellings of some of history's most famous, infamous, and even forgotten serial killers. I readily yelled back at my television when crime procedurals got their terminology wrong; I wrote original screenplays about small town cops and big city detectives, each who had their own crosses to bear and cases to solve; I even looked into buying the rights of one very specific true story to adapt someday.

Creepy? Maybe. But we all have hobbies, and studying criminals made me feel better about my own flaws, failures, and shortcomings. Okay, that's twisted in its own way, too. The point is, though, time went on, and my interests expanded. This probably happened right around the time that network television exploded with spin-offs instead of new, unique story ideas. But television, like just about any art form, is cyclical a
nd once again clever crime shows have come back around and caught my eye.

The newest one to do so is Veena Sud (Cold Case!!)'s scripted drama for AMC, The Killing. The series follows a homicide detective in a small town (Mireille Enos) who is what you would imagine Clarice Starling to be a few years into the job, once she lost the quaver in her lip and brought a few bad guys to justice, and her investigation of a teenage girl's disappearance and murder. The series is not quite a WhoDunIt? but it is a thriller nonetheless, and everything about it piqued the interest of the analytical part of my brain that is only satisfied solving crimes, not puzzles.

I like to think I would make a great detective, even if better as a TV detective than a real life one since I, too, can't curb my emotions these days and always choose my professional life over my personal one. And you know what? It turns out AMC agrees. In their promotional "How Would You Be Cast in a Crime Thriller" quiz, I scored enough points to get me to Lead Detective. Guess all the studying I did as a kid, while no help on the SATs, paid off in some way!

Take the quiz
, too, and see what part of my team (yes, that's right MY team) you could be! And be sure to
stay tuned to my Examiner page for a full advance review of AMC's The Killing just before it premieres next month!

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Rachel said...

I'm a lead detective, too, according to that quiz! But, in all actuality, I'm a witty sidekick type. Most of my casting is as such. Who am I to argue? I can live with that. At least I wasn't the killer! Although I have been cast as that before, too. No one sees it coming, what with my cheery demeanor and disarming smile. :)