Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Time For The Stars of My Childhood To Make A Comeback!...

LeVar Burton has been making the rounds (oh, okay, so far just on two shows), playing a version of himself meeting his "adoring" fans. Those fans are guys around my age-- guys who grew up with Burton on Star Trek and Reading Rainbow-- and therefore have a very sentimental attachment to him. Troy on Community even uses the Reading Rainbow theme song to soothe himself through of rough times. And it got me thinking: what other stars from my childhood do I want to see make a similar comeback?

How about Richard Lee Jackson? Yes, Jonathan Jackson's older brother was perhaps best known as the new Zack Morris type in Saved by the Bell: The New Class, but he went on to also appear in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Any Day Now, among a bunch of independent films. Though he hasn't acted professionally for a few years, he stays in touch with the arts through music. But I propose this: what if he turned up on General Hospital opposite his baby bro? The two men look so similar they could easily play fraternal twins-- fraternal twins who perhaps were separated at birth, causing one of them to go rogue, or "evil" as it were in soap opera terms.

Kelly Packard became famous on Baywatch, but to me she will always be the perky bass player from California Dreams. After hosting Street Smarts in 2005, she also had a cameo in an independent romantic-comedy called My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, but I think it would be just perfect if she showed up on Community-- not as herself but as yet another professor at Greendale that just happens to have a striking resemblance to a pop culture icon from Abed's childhood. Will he be a closet Baywatch or Dreams fans? Well, I'll leave that up to Dan Harmon himself, but I could see a story line going a lot of ways: she could be an older version of Annie, all sweet and seemingly naive, but who clearly has ulterior motives and gets entangled with Pierce because she's looking for a quick payday and assumes he will kick the bucket soon-- but not before she can get him to sign over some fortune.

Two of my greatest young loves were Saved by the Bell and The Babysitters Club, and one very special actor had a chance to be in both franchises. Christian Oliver graced the small screen in the New Class spinoff and then went to the big theater as just one of the cute boys that distracts from the job at hand. He works a ton overseas, but personally I think photos of him from just a few years ago are dead ringers for Michael Stahl-David and some fun could have been had with that if My Generation had continued. Perhaps he was the dead brother? No real point in rehashing what "could have been" now, though I'd love to see them play brothers or at least buds on-screen in a new project. He has a production company; he can figure something out!

My first celebrity crush was on Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and years and years later I finally got to meet and interview the actor who voiced him, Christopher Daniel Barnes. His career has been made up of mostly voice-over work except for a really terrible independent comedy in which he channeled his best inner Jon Cryer. I really don't want that to be how I remember him, so I'd love to see him on a show like Castle, as a potential suspect in Beckett's newest case. He has that "stockbroker/lawyer/accountant" look, and in today's world, those are professions that make a lot of people want to murder, but they're also professions that are so high-tension they can lead to murder.

I'm going to be really honest: I don't watch Gossip Girl or 90210, but I totally would if Lark Voorhies guest starred! And not only guest starred but did so as her famous alter-ego Lisa Turtle. After all, Lisa wanted to be a fashion designer when she herself was still in high school, and I think it would be great if she ended up living her dream. She could easily cameo in either or both of these shows as a famous designer that either offers one of the characters an internship or has some sort of fashion week interaction with them.

Who do you want to see return and where??

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