Monday, March 14, 2011

Jensen Ackles Indulges Me With An Interview...

Thirteen years and almost exactly one month to the day I first met Jensen Ackles, I finally got to interview him. Thanks to the good people at the Lippin Group I was granted press access to the Paley Center for Media's Supernatural event at this year's PaleyFest in Beverly Hills, which included getting a few minutes with each star and producer to chat prior to the official start of the event.

Ackles showed up early, as the press was still checking in. He crossed through the tent with his wife Danneel Harris, the two of them looking very suave and glamorous (respectively) for a mid-Sunday afternoon! About an hour later when the pressline began, he graciously posed for photos by himself, with his wife, and with his co-star, Jared Padalecki, before braving the line of video crews and online reporters hoping to steal a few minutes with the leading man.

The last time I saw Ackles was just about a month ago, when I made him pose with my book for a photo op at the most recent "Salute to Supernatural" convention. I'm not going to lie: I was kind of hoping he'd look at the back of my Flip camera and recognize the image custom painted there as said book! But things got kind of rushed toward the end of the line, so even if it jogged his memory, he didn't say anything about it. He's ever the consummate professional, and I
followed his lead. So instead we chatted about directing and if he finds comedy or emotionally heavy dramatic work more challenging, as well as his reaction to his old Days of our Lives footage used within "The French Mistake."

Yes, that's right: even with limited time, I managed to work in the show that brought us together in the first place!

What I love about Ackles is that he really thinks about acting as an art and a craft, and he puts just as much thought into his answers when you talk to him about it. For example, did you know how the lower octave, gravely voice he uses for Dean started? He watched Jeffrey Dean Morgan in action as John Winchester and figured that since Dean admired his dad so much, he would want to emulate him any way possible, even in subtle mannerisms and speech style.

Our video interview is short (and the first question about Dean's mindset is credited to my friend Laura) but it's well worth your time! And hopefully it will only be the first of many more to come because obviously regardless of what happens with Supernatural's future, Ackles' is big and bright!

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sweetondean said...

Lovely interview! His stare straight down the camera is discombobulating! I went to LACon too and that was the thing that was the trickiest....when he looked right at you! I really love listening to him talk about acting, he's so passionate and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing!

vanda_64 said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful interview with Jensen... He's such an amazingly talented & humble person. Bless him!