Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Makes My Head Go 'Round...

Earlier today I stepped out of the shower singing "Do-Wacka-do." Judging from the look on my dog's face when he finally lifted his head out of the corner of the bathroom that he apparently tried to hide in, I had been singing it for awhile. Clearly, despite currently being on hiatus, Raising Hope was on my brain. But it was hardly the first time, nor will it be the last I'm sure, that a song I heard on television randomly got stuck in my head.

It used to be that commercial jingles were the most common threats to my mental sanity because they were on so often that through sheer repetition alone they would stick. But with the invention of the DVR, ad campaigns had to be a bit more clever or consumers could skip right over them. Somehow managed to seem charming enough in the beginning, with a "guy next door" type singing and slinging guitar just as any aspiring artist would on your street corner, and to indulge his dreams, you give a little listen. Only that was the gimmick after all: if he seems harmless enough, more people will give him a shot, even if it its one of pity, and their victory will be that much more sweet when they seed their song in your mind.

These days, though, music gets integrated much more commonly into episodes of series, in part as score to showcase the emotional weight of a scene, and in part as source music to amplify a big event playing out for the characters. No Ordinary Family just used a "live performance" by Sara Bareilles as a plot device in their most recent episode, and I am thanking my lucky stars that it wasn't a catchy enough tune to haunt me the morning after. However, with other shows I am not nearly so lucky.

After glee and Chord Overstreet took on Justin Bieber's "Baby," I woke up with those sophomoric lyrics swimming around in my head for a full week. There's an original song in tonight's Parks and Recreation sung by one Andy Dwyer that I was repeating in the immediate aftermath of viewing the screener NBC sent me a few weeks ago and I suspect the behavior will be continued after I watch the episode again when it airs tonight. And it may have been a while since Supernatural chose to spend a big chunk of its production budget on classic rock, but who can deny that in the times it has, you haven't played the invisible drums or some ass-guitar of your own in the following days after viewing?? I certainly have, and I don't know anything about music!

What songs have gotten stuck in YOUR head recently??

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