Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'On Writing' with Jim Beaver...

Though Jim Beaver has been working in Hollywood for over four decades as an acclaimed actor on stage, in film, and in television, he also published an extremely touching and heartfelt memoir a few years ago. Though that book was centered on his life with his family and ultimately the loss of his beloved wife Cecily, it reached many more-- even those who had never lost anyone so close to them. He wrote with heart, with humor, and with the utmost honesty. And considering how much material he must have from his time in the industry, there has to be another book in him, right?

"You know, a lot of people have been asking me lately if I will write another book!" Beaver laughed. "And I don't exactly understand why...My last book hit home for a lot of people, but I don't have that story to tell anymore."

But when one storybook closes, a new manuscript document can open!

Beaver told me that he has kept notes over the years from all of the projects on which he has worked, and as
someone who is so thoughtful and welcoming to everyone from fans to reporters to co-workers, he clearly has ample interactions and experiences to draw from regarding the best to work with, and probably the worst, as well. Who wouldn't want to hear behind-the-scenes stories from playing a priest on Days of our Lives to being a detective in serious dramas like Sliver to comedic turns like Sister Act and of course his time on the slightly unreal John From Cincinnati, Deadwood, and Supernatural!?

And of course Beaver has a lot to offer, teaching-wise, too. His words of wisdom are relevant for not only up-and-coming actors but any young artist just starting out and aspiring to longevity and touching lives. The book could be part tips, lessons, personal anecdotes, and maybe even a couple of photos or re-printings of his script notes. The thing practically writes itself!

"It might be an interesting idea to share some of those stories," Beaver considered.

"It's just a very tough process. Emotionally it takes a lot out of you, and the time you put into it--" He shook his head almost in disbelief.

Well, I know where he could find a ghostwriter or editorial assistant, should he find himself with some downtime after Supernatural wraps and want to take a crack at it!

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