Friday, March 18, 2011

Pop Culture Winners of the Week (March 14-18)...

Community and Parks and Recreation. Not only were both NBC comedies honored at this year's Paley Center for Media PaleyFest events in Beverly Hills, but they were both officially renewed* for additional seasons this week! Community will have its third season coming down the pike, while Parks and Recreation will be on its fourth. Both delivered killer episodes this week and promise lots more creativity and craziness before their current seasons end!

*Being Human can also fall into this category because it, too, was renewed this week.

Jennifer Lawrence. I have yet to read "The Hunger Games," though it has been recommended to me by just about everyone I trust (and quite a few I don't) regarding novels to read. But this week the casting for the film adaptation officially hit a high by snatching up the Oscar nominee for The Winter's Bone in the lead female role. The girl could be in college right now, but instead she is living a charmed Hollywood life!

Glee's Kurt. He finally got his real first kiss this week and got to be featured at a major competition! Okay so the guy he has been pining over for years (Finn) didn't plant his lips on him, but he got the second best thing. Blaine, who originally only saw Kurt as a friend, finally started to come around and consider him as something more, despite being slightly put-off with how little Kurt knew about sex-- and how uncomfortable talking about it made him. He likes him so much now the lip-lock was only the first step in their official courtship; the duet was next. Blaine has never been willing to share the spotlight at all before, so in the grand scheme of things this is the much bigger step.

Loretta Devine. Not only does the veteran actress have a new role on an ABC Family original called The Great State of Georgia, but this week she guest starred on glee as a plucky stripper-turned-nun judging Regionals AND Supernatural showrunner Eric Kripke told a story at PaleyFest about how she was always intended to become a larger part of the demon-hunting drama but her busy schedule prevented it. I hope Sera Gamble was listening intently and finds a way to bring her into season seven. Assuming they're getting a season seven.

The babies that play Hope on Raising Hope. Let's face it: babies grow and mature at different rates but often too fast for television. Hollywood is a fickle town in which you can literally be the "it" person one day and a "Who?" the next. Greg Garcia, the showrunner for Raising Hope, though, knows a good thing when he finds one, and he knows he has some pure gems in the twins that play little baby Hope Chance on his newest sitcom. Though the show is now on hiatus, prepping for a season two to begin filming over the summer, he shared he plans to keep the same kids in the role. Which means that rather than recast to play with the timeline, he is writing his timeline around his actors. That's a luxury most adult, more established actors are not even offered!

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