Friday, March 25, 2011

Pop Culture Winners of the Week (March 21-25)...

Fringe! The show was on the bubble and had been pushed to Friday evenings, which angered a lot of fans, assuming the network was just dumping it on a dead night. But it held decent ratings and proved that Friday nights at 9 don't have to be a wasteland for TV shows anymore. So not only was it picked up for a fourth season this week, but it was picked up for a FULL fourth season (twenty-two episodes). That's not too shabby for something that seemed permanently on the brink of cancellation. In other news, this is the next show I will marathon (because I have to start from the beginning or I might miss something important); want to tell me why you love the show? Email me for a "Why DanielleTBD Should Be Watching."

My Generation
alumni. First series star Michael Stahl-David started rehearsals for his run in an off-Broadway play for the spring and summer; then Noah Hawley sold his next novel just a few days after he even began to pitch it to publishers. But the kicker had to come when Keir O'Donnell turned up in the second half of the new season of United States of Tara as a frequent traveler, single dad, and new love interest for Kate. While you can't catch the play ("Picked") unless you're in NYC after April 6th, and Hawley's book won't hit shelves for a few months, O'Donnell will be airing on Showtime in just about a month.

How I Met Your Mother. Thanks to John Lithgow, the intricate weaving of more than one poignant story, and keeping Ted on the periphery, Monday's "Legendaddy" episode actually seems to have steered the series back on the right track. The moments between friends where they were pointing out each other's pitfalls were funny and truthful; Marshall confronting the gang about the "kid gloves" used on him since his dad's passing was timely and impactful; and both Lithgow and Neil Patrick Harris delivered emotional and heartfelt performances. Plus I really like the fact that they are keeping Ted's house around. For awhile there it seemed like they just dropped it from rotation.

Ben Rappaport. The adorable star of NBC's Outsourced was cast in a new venture capital firm workplace half-hour comedy pilot for CBS. Granted, I haven't read the script yet, and this news doesn't mean Outsourced is officially dunzo, but let's face it, even the chance of playing another role in another project-- any other project-- is an upgrade!

Fans of CW shows, especially Smallville and Supernatural. This week uber-publicists from the network gave away swag to lucky fans of their programs that were following them on Twitter. Since new items come through often, follow them for your chance at the next prizes (@Chico6 and @HeyJude012)! And it's all free!

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