Friday, March 11, 2011

Pop Culture Winners of the Week...

I warned you this might become a weekly column!

So this week Charlie Sheen got fired and slapped his parent company with a hundred million-dollar lawsuit. He also put out an ad for a summer intern to help him with social media. But as I've mentioned, I think far too much focus has been drawn there...especially with the apocalyptic events already beginning around the world, from the dead fish in the Redondo Harbor to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We need some good news, don't we?

Well, try these on for size:

Kristoffer Polaha has already found his next project
! The Life Unexpected star who signed a holding deal with CBS late last year once the second season of that familial drama came to a close, will join Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nestor Carbonell in Ringer, a noir-style serialized drama about a woman on the run from the mob. Of course we won't know if the show gets sent to series for another two months, but it's a step in the right direction, for sure!

Though the internet loves a good rumor, and this week it clung to the one that Rob Lowe would join Two and a Half Men, the producers of his current network comedy, Parks and Recreation, squashed that immediately, saying that he is still a full-time cast member with no plans to go anywhere. Lowe also Tweeted a similar sentiment. Still it has to be a nice ego boost for the actor that his career can be so on fire right now that people would want to see him save a drowning program such as Men. In this case Lowe, Parks and Recreation, and television comedy fans in general all come out on top!

Miley Cyrus. She may have sang a bit too much on Saturday Night Live, but she proved that regardless of some rebellious behavior, she actually is a pretty competent actor. She wasn't perfect, but she certainly didn't stumble over her sketches like thespian Robert DeNiro did earlier this season! And she showed a good sense of humor about herself and her "craft" by taking on Disney Channel "training" and sitting opposite Vanessa Bayer who was imitating the star herself. And she didn't break a sweat, let alone break character.

Fans of great cuisine and new dining experiences are falling in love with America's Next Great Restaurant, NBC's newest reality show that puts four celebrity chefs not only at a judges' table but also an investors' one when they hear ideas about the next sure-to-be-successful fast food franchise. They are taking the best ten ideas and pitting the entrepreneurs against each other in challenges designed to teach them about conceptualization, marketing, management, and ultimately, customer service. Most of the finalists seem to be really in their element, even if not all of their ideas are completely unique, and they make us hungry with every new episode. I already have my frontrunners: Hard N' Soft Tacos (take your favorite meal and put it in a taco), as well as Limbo (where every menu item will have two versions-- one for the health-conscious and one for those looking to indulge), but Meltworks (grown-up grilled cheese) sounds good, too. And of course how can you deny the passion of Saucy Balls? If any of those take the top prize, you know I'll be first in line when the Los Angeles location opens!

TNT has officially announced the premiere date for Franklin & Bash, along with all its other Summer 2011 shows, which is exceptionally great news for My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture
because it means Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be back on my TV sooner rather than later. Better get to work on my Wii with the Stars pitch!

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