Thursday, March 24, 2011


Back in college, in the good ole days of Xanga (oh dear...), I was a sucker for a good survey. Friends would post those "25 Things About Me" pieces, and I would giddily copy and paste the questions and spend more time on my answers than my actual schoolwork. I am nothing if not adept at the art of wasting time! These days, though, attention spans have gotten shorter, and yet somehow Twitter has found a way to put its own spin on such things: #100factsaboutme. I'm now an official adult (though I still live in the same damn apartment I had in college), and I am employed. At least part time. So I really shouldn't have that much time on my hands! And yet I procrastinate more now than when I was a kid. But since I wrote a memoir, I'm not sure there really are that many things about me (especially pop culture wise) that people don't know, so I'll just fill out as many as I can before something shinier catches my attention...

  • In high school I spent an exorbitant amount of time and money trying to find the clothes I saw my favorite actors and TV characters wear so I could have a "Hollywood wardrobe." This was before Internet shopping was as easy and common as it is today, so it included a lot of weekend trips to SoHo, scouring everything from designers' boutiques to retail outlets to those chintzy hole-in-the-wall places. This also resulted in me owning everything from red leather pants to a backless bandana shirt (please don't ask).
  • All of my TV character crushes seem to be guys who are in bands or have some musical inclination or aspiration. I wrote about this a bit in my book, but I was surprised when I realized it has stretched past Zack Attack's Zack Morris and the California Dreams' Mark Winkle and into John Corbett, who performed recently on Parenthood and even Jeff Winger's terrible George Michael impression. It probably has something to do with vulnerability.
  • I can't watch Breaking Bad because the show is about a guy, however well-intentioned, who makes and deals hard drugs-- and yet I am completely enthralled by Nurse Jackie, a show where the protagonist is an addict herself.
  • Since I was so into film and television at such a young age, and because no one else in my class seemed to get it, I was designated the "AV Kid" for substitute teacher days, asked to set up the VCR for videos and the projector for slides or special presentations. I secretly relished those days, even though I'd roll my eyes and pretend like it was such a big chore.
  • That being said, as much as I enjoyed new technologies, I became disenchanted with the fact that I had to constantly keep teaching myself how to use them. So I pretty much stopped focusing on the intricacies with developments like AOL and blogging. I had no interest in detailed HTML; even though I know how to use a DVR, I still fight the inclusion of one in my house. I don't know if it's because I don't like change, if I am pining for a simpler time, or if I just got lazy.
  • I am deeply envious of the mother-daughter relationship Tara and Kate have on United States of Tara
  • As much as I have given up with glee the television show, I still like some of their singles better than the original artists' renditions. And as much as I think Darren Criss' presence is stealing screen time from characters we should have gotten to know much earlier, his singles top that list, most notably "Teenage Dream" and "Misery."
  • If a film or television show features a dog, I will love it unconditionally. But if a film or television show kills off or otherwise harms a dog, I will never watch it again. And I will seriously re-consider watching the next piece of work from its creative talent.
  • It's not professional, but whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I look for new photos to add to this website.
  • Shows like Community make me want to go back to college. Shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation make me re-consider corporate desk jobs. Shows like Modern Family and Friday Night Lights make me consider suburbia. Shows like 30 Rock make me wonder why I left production. But really they all have one very important thing in common: their cast of characters is a crazy, quirky, somewhat dysfunctional, but still very fun-loving, family. Where the family is formed doesn't seem to matter, but as many of those above situations and locations as I've tried, I am still searching for my own.

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