Sunday, March 6, 2011

'SNL' Is Not Perfect But Today It Is Winning...

I was out of the room when the cold open to Saturday Night Live started last night. And when I heard the voice, I thought I had somehow fallen asleep and was in a dream. Because there was no way SNL managed to book Charlie Sheen without Sheen himself leaking it to the media, right??

Well, turns out, right. It was an obvious sketch, sure, but it was extremely timely, and that is what has always made SNL great. What has also made SNL great through the years is when they bring on those they are making fun of to be in sketches either as themselves or opposite those that usually portray them. It worked extremely well with Sarah Palin (who knew?) and last night's host Miley Cyrus even took a crack at it right off the top with the opening lines of the monologue. Sheen was too busy doing his own podcast or VODcast or reality show pitch or whatever, so in came Bill Hader who is a bit too lanky to really pull off the physical impression-- though give it a little bit of time and a little bit more "tiger blood" and Sheen'll get there-- but absolutely nailed the sound, mannerisms, and crazy eyes.

I know that if I loved and was impressed by Hader here, there have to be thousands out there (including network executives) who were even more grateful for it. I don't see it going away anytime soon-- namely because I don't see Sheen going away any time soon-- and I do hope that Lorne Michaels and the booker at SNL might invite Sheen on (not to host; oh God, not to host!) to cameo in the future. Maybe in a few months when his brain chemistry has flatlined a bit more. Or, you know, I guess Les Moonves and Chuck Lorre could just poach Hader away from SNL and have him replace Sheen in Two & a Half Men...

PS: I thought it was kind of in poor taste, and pretty dumb, that Cyrus made so much fun of Lindsay Lohan. Especially considering that is the path she, too, seems to be heading down. But only time will tell, I guess, and like she said, she's not perfect. She may come to regret her little ditty, though, because in a Celebrity Deathmatch, our money is on Lohan all the way. That girl is scrappy!

But having her take on Justin Bieber? Also genius. I honestly think she may have pulled off a more manish appearance than the actual Biebs.

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