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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "...And Then There Were None" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- I honestly can't tell: is Mother of All SUPPOSED to be a terrible actress? Is she not comfortable in her meatsuit or something?

- I looked at that woman and saw Ava for a minute. No good reason. Just did. #earlierseasonsonthebrain

- I'm super glad to see Bobby brought along on this one! The boys need to be kept in line!

- Aw Dean, don't be attracted to Mother of All. She's even worse than Ruby. In so many ways.

- I like Sam's tie tonight. Wonder what brand it is so I can get @MrMadisonC one.

- I stayed offline during east coast airing to avoid spoilers but I get the feeling this could be Bobby's swan song. I really really hope not!

- Aw Bobby's never allowed to drive. He's the Sam in this partnership :(

- Look how far Dean has come. He used to say family was everything, no matter what.

- I'll hug him, Rufus!! (I just realized I have no hashtag tonight...)

- Samuel never liked John anyway; what does he care if Bobby "pretends" to be the boys' father?

- Define freak, Grandpa.

- I was hoping to see more of Gwen. There are no female hunters anymore!

- Oh no, is it already "in" Dean? Poor Dean; he always catches the affliction. #YellowFever, anyone?

- Jensen has the best comic timing, even when he doesn't have to. "I just had a twelve inch... [PAUSE]"

- This is reminiscent of #Croatoan, with everyone pointing the accusatory finger of it affecting or not affecting each other.

- I got Dean! (said like Phil Dunphy, meaning I'll keep an eye on him)

- Locking the guns won't help; that first guy bludgeoned his family, and let's face it: hunters' fists are lethal weapons!

- Has Samuel changed clothes ONCE since he's been back?

- I don't understand that expression: babies don't sleep all that well; they cry; they fuss-- are we supposed to assume Samuel DOES feel bad?

- How fast can this thing move? I was so sure it had switched to Rufus when he was picking his gun back up...

- Good old fashioned paranoia episodes are my favorite #Supernatural episodes, by the way!

- Well, that was easy. Bye-Bye Grandpa Samuel.

- So this parasite thing is really just like #NoSoulSam. Or is the parasite even in Sam? Maybe his summer self is coming back to haunt him.

- These heart-to-hearts really do go better when they're in or on the Impala. #TheFrenchMistake

- Ooh this is the scene Steven Williams teased about Rufus & Bobby's backstory. He just had the date of airing wrong.

- Damn, that was cold, Rufus. But at least you can still work with him...

- Good Lord when you're brought back from the dead, you're REALLY brought back from the dead.

- Rufus is the new Dean when it comes to one-liners.

- These Wet Willy moments are killing me.

- Oh there goes the Bobby/Rufus spin-off :(

- Aw Dean, does it burn when you pee?

- I feel like @jumblejim's inspiration for the possessed voice was just to imitate Jensen or @mishacollins' deepening of their own voices.

- If I swallowed that parasite, do you think it would help me lose weight? You know in addition to making me a murderer? #lookingforbrightside

- And there's the alcohol Steven hadn't heard of until this show lol

- I sincerely hope they salted and burned Samuel. I do not want him coming back. Again.

- Wow, quite the emotional #Supernatural tonight. Way to end on a strong note, guys! Next new episode isn't until April 15.

Closing Remarks: I spent a lot of time during "And Then There Were None" just pointing out all of the references to previous Supernatural episodes. It felt like one of those good, old-fashioned hunt moments, not unlike even "Ghostfacers", in a way. The element of "who is affected" definitely reeked of "Croatoan", but in the best possible way. In fact, I think I came to the realization that these more simple but insanely tense episodes are my favorites. Within these, we get the element of suspense with the hunting of the creature, not knowing exactly what corner it will turn up around, but we can also appreciate the funny one-liners more when they come around because they're rare and are used to cut the tension rather than just fill time. I feel like this episode had everybody on their toes and their A-game in every scene, and how could you ask for anything more?

However, I still really, really don't like Eve or Mother of All or whatever the hell she's going to be called from here on out. She's a really poor representation of evil; she doesn't scare me at all-- except for the fact that she was the best the casting office could find. I'm also kind of pissed she's the only real woman represented on the show this season-- not because she's such an evil type but again because of the lack of acting talent. I know The CW is all about pretty faces, but you can be pretty and talented-- case in point, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, as well as numerous previous female guest stars. Season six has been more of a boys' club than ever before; there aren't even damsels in distress to rescue every week. Sorry, but she just isn't cutting it.

In other news, though, let's all hope that Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) stays dead this time around. At least the Samuel we saw in season six. Especially because Rufus (Steven Williams) is really dead, and he was a welcome fresh breath of air on this show. It's not that I don't love Pileggi; I do, and that's actually why I wanted to preserve the nice memories I had of Samuel from "In The Beginning" when all he wanted was to protect his family. I guess that's all he wants now, too, in a weird and twisted way; his intentions were good, if somewhat selfish, but his character has been really bastardized this season. First he traipsed all over with #NoSoulSam and didn't seem to mind that his grandson...well, had no soul! Then he tried to sacrifice his own flesh and blood-- all in the "name" of hopefully bringing back his other flesh and blood. But really, what would Mary say if she could see him now? Those are her babies; there is no way she'd be on board; there is no way anyone should be on board. There is nothing redeemable about him left, and it literally makes me angry to see his face on-screen in the weeks that he's there.

It was bittersweet to learn the back story to Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Rufus'...uh...friendship? in "And Then There Were None" because they never got any closure. Some of the last real worlds Rufus ever said to Bobby was that he'd never forgive him for what went down; he was able to push it aside to still get the job done, but their "family" connection was still clearly and irreparably severed. It's sad, really; their banter always seemed to be in good fun, but it turns out there was real anger underlying. It makes you think about Dean and Sam's own banter, doesn't it? Though Dean says "clean slate" to Sam, can he really believe it?

The episode title, while thankfully not completely literal, does have me thinking, though: Cas and Bobby flit in and out of these boys' lives, and with their entire bloodline gone, and their hunter hangout gone, and anyone they've met along the way...well, gone from their lives if not from life itself, they really are alone in this world. Dean may have the push-pull of Lisa and Ben from time to time, but it really is just Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam. That is a bit depressing, no?

So there's only a handful of episodes left, and they won't resume until mid-April, but there are still a lot of questions up in the air for this season's arc that I sincerely hope get answered by the May 20th finale, but I doubt they will. I get the feeling that season six has been planned as only half an arc, and the second part is contingent solely upon a season seven. I believe they will get that season seven; the network loves the show, and the actors are actually contracted anyway. At the "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, both Ackles and Padalecki seemed confident they'd be shooting again in July, though they acknowledged they hadn't heard anything formal or official yet, either. But the point is, I fear a lot about purgatory, the war in heaven, Mother of All, and even Sam remembering his summer without a soul won't really get proper attention, let alone resolution. As epic as the western episode looks, and as excited as I am for it, it doesn't seem like it's going to push forward the mythology at all. In fact, the boys will be traveling back in time for at least part of it, so unless it turns out the Colt can also kill this Mother of All, I'm not quite sure what purpose it will serve. You know, other than being awesomely stylized ala "Monster Movie" and letting Ackles don boots and a cowboy hat (hot!).

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