Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When I Grow Up I Want To Be (Part 2)...

For part one of the list (no repeats, I promise), please click here.

Sarah Walker. She is strong; she is fearless; she is a leader. She stormed into Chuck Bartowski's life and took charge without even batting an eye. Similarly when she takes on armed gunmen, a high society ball, or cartwheels across a bank floor, she manages to stay just as cool, calm, and collected. She was a little closed off in the beginning, but she allowed someone in, and she is working on that. She is literally capable of anything, once she believes she is worthy and sets her mind to it. And though she'll never quite be a "girly-girl", she certainly can plan a wedding with the best of them! Oh and did I mention she does it all in killer, kick-ass boots??

Sarah Linden
. She is a big time homicide detective in a small town. And when I say "big time" I mean it in the best possible way; she may just be the smartest, hardest working, and most caring about getting the job done thoroughly person on the entire squad. But like I said, it's a small town. She is stoic; she is serious; though she can't help but get emotionally involved at times, she never lets it get in the way of her work. She truly tries-- and that is more than can be said for a lot of them!

Tami Taylor
Where to begin with this one? Perhaps with her ability to keep a positive disposition no matter the controversy, hardship, or all-out weirdness she is staring down. But if that's not enough for you, she is always honest, and somehow her honesty is always refreshing and welcome. Her advice is timeless and universal but never preachy, and she manages to make catchphrases out of even the simplest of sentences. She also makes it sound cool to say "y'all" and her facial expressions alone can give you all of the answers you need.

Orwell. A blogger just like me, she is impassioned and relentless about exposing what she sees as corrupt and therefore detrimental. She is private personally, trying to right the sins of her past-- sins she isn't even responsible for but feels as such based on her lineage-- and careful about her work publicly. She doesn't want to be exposed herself, but she never allows that to stop her from tracking down her story. She puts herself in harm's way for the greater good of the people she, and her website, is trying to serve, and that is what any true reporter embodies.

. No one stands for truth and justice at any cost as this woman here, but in truth she started out of a very selfish place, with very personal motives: revenge. That's something that we are so often taught from which no good can come, but she is single-handedly proving otherwise. She is intelligent and a thinker, always a step ahead of those she perceives as adversaries. But she isn't just out to get what she wants at any cost; she protects those around her. She is proof of redemption.

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