Friday, March 4, 2011

Who's "Winning" In Pop Culture This Week That You Probably Missed Due To The Media Adopting Charlie Sheen's Definition of the Word...

All week long we have had to put up with the "media" reporting on, and making various jokes about, Charlie Sheen and his idea of "winning". It wasn't enough that he received over a million followers in less than twenty-four hours of signing up for Twitter-- something he never would have done if he was just that guy in that sitcom that no one really finds funny outside of middle-aged middle Americans, by the way. No, everyone from Entertainment Weekly (who gave him the damn cover of their magazine) to late night hosts George Lopez and Jimmy Fallon and just about every small time blog or Tumblr managed to work it in somehow, and multiple times over at that. For the record, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture doesn't see any winners in Sheen's situation-- not Sheen himself, not his "goddesses", not the media capitalizing off salacious hits instead of actual journalism, and certainly not his kids. So we wanted to take some time to reflect back on this past week in pop culture and find some real winners-- people who were unfortunately and unjustly overshadowed by just another new degree of Hollyweird.

Josh Holloway. He may not be on Twitter at all, and the remake of The Rockford Files he was rumored to be attached to may be DOA, but he has spent the last few days filming his guest appearance on a favorite half-hour comedy, Community, not only in a very special role for their season finale episode but also a very special follow-up to their standout "Modern Warfare" (paintball) episode of season one. Will he be the reigning champ from an opposing college, like say, City? Stay tuned; I will be interviewing the cast before their PaleyFest panel in a few days and will get as much scoop as I can!

Melissa Leo. By winning an Oscar she not only proved that "women of a certain age" in Hollywood don't have to just fade into obscurity and voice-over work if they're not Meryl Streep, but she also gave herself the chance to start earning real money. Did you know she was only making scale on films like The Fighter? Well, winning that little gold statue will prove much more valuable than simply having something to melt at Cash4Gold should tough times hit; she can finally start asking for a "real" salary in any film she takes on next.

Kirstie Alley. I smell a comeback! The former Cheers and Veronica's Closet star, who will always have a very special place in my heart for her role in Drop Dead Gorgeous, is a part of the new season of Dancing with the Stars and has emerged as an early favorite from many other TV bloggers and reporters. Call it the sentimental factor or call it the wild card factor (she has been known for crazy behavior, too), but having the hottest dance partner (aka Maksim Chmerkovsky) doesn't hurt!

Scripted programming on Showtime. Earlier this week the premium cable network picked up new seasons of Shameless and Episodes, as well as announced premiere dates for some returning favorites, such as Weeds, The Big C and The Real L Word. You can read my report on those specific premiere dates here.

TwitChange. Once again they have brought together a great group of celebrities, including stars of the aforementioned Community like Yvette Nicole Brown, her good friend and fellow NBC star Zachary Levi, as well as Julie Benz, Ashley Tisdale, Bret Michaels, Marlee Matlin, and Deepak Chopra to donate ReTweet and Twitter Follow packages for a good cause. This time around the money raised through the various eBay auctions will go to Help Educate Girls in Poverty Worldwide, so not only do you get a cool interaction with your favorite celebrity, but the youth can grow up with a bright future ahead. Everybody comes out a winner there, don't they??

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