Thursday, April 21, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Cougar Town' Spoilers From The Cast; 'Community' Offers A Unique Clip Show; Shane West spills 'Nikita' secrets...

"Cougar Town spoilers shared at the TV Academy in Los Angeles"

The cast and creator of Cougar Town took the stage at the TV Academy in Los Angeles last night to talk about their now fan favorite comedy series. Admittedly, the show about a woman in her early forties with a teenage son starting over after a divorce began very much as a Courteney Cox-led ensemble vehicle, but as the episodes went on, it very much became a straight ensemble. Sure Cox is still front and center, most notably because everyone is always hanging out at her house, but it is the energy the cast has together that drives the show and causes such a raucous response... [MORE]

"Community’s “clip show” remembers good times, bad times and so far unseen times"

Remember back during PaleyFest when Dan Harmon teased a Community episode made up almost entirely of flashbacks, some from episodes we had never before seen? We bet you thought he was being glib or making a joke, right? Well, we sure did. But we were wrong. Tonight’s “Paradigms of Human Memory” episode shows off never before seen footage, such as an off-campus outing to a ghost town as well as footage from the week the study group had to fill in for the glee club and of course introduces us to our new favorite game: Which of these lines are Donald Glover adlibs? And it all starts with some naked Chang (Ken Jeong)! ... [MORE]

"Ian Gomez: Real-life wife Nia Vardalos has "unresolved issues" on Cougar Town"

Yesterday TV Line showed you the first photos of Nia Vardalos guest starring on ABC's Cougar Town in the May 11th episode, and now we have some more information about the character who is Andy (Vardalos' real life husband Ian Gomez)'s ex-turned-sister-in-law who may still carry a torch for the fun-loving family man... [MORE]

"Shane West spills secrets of Nikita romance, cliffhangers & the season finale"

"No one was worried...going into the first season of the show. They put together actors and actresses with good track records, so it was more of a worry of 'Can this last for an entire year? Can we make this last for an entire year?' Nikita series star Shane West shared over coffee with reporters in Los Angeles earlier this morning... [MORE]

"The Voice coaches go "Crazy" for the aspiring artists on their teams"

Remember when we were so excited to share that the various coaches on The Voice all performed together on one stage? We saw the clip over a week ago, but last night NBC aired it nationally to really hype their new vocal competition reality show for the fans. And if it could get a group of stuffy critics and reporters singing along and dancing in their chairs during NBC-Universal's Summer Press Day last week, we can only imagine how you guys at home must have felt! ... [MORE]

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