Monday, April 11, 2011

From LA Examiner: Edi Gathegi to Guest Star on 'Nikita'; 'Food Network Star' Starts This Summer; Summer No Longer a TV Wasteland Thanks to USA...

"A Twilight star takes on Nikita"

Nikita just keeps getting more intense! Week after week the CW series delivers adrenaline-fueled action and dramatic tension of both the life-threatening and sexual kind. Taking a story that has been told a number of times before but giving it not only a new look but also infusing it with new energy and conflicts has taken the franchise to a whole new level. It's really no wonder, then, that the show attracts as many interesting guest stars as it does. Devon Sawa will be returning in this week's episode to continue his stint as Owen, a character who is intriguing as a potential partner for Nikita (Maggie Q) but even more so as her opponent. How will the show follow that up? How about with a star from one of the hottest films around? Twilight's Edi Gathegi, of course! ... [MORE]

"Hold onto your appetites! Food Network Star returns this summer!"

The Next Food Network Star is a bit of a guilty pleasure for LA TV Insider Examiner. We have absolutely no knowledge of cooking or skills in the kitchen, and the early episodes in which would-be television cooks fluster as they get used to their new environment and all of the cameras make us feel better about our own struggles, even if theirs are extreme circumstances. But once the nerves settle and the competition gets going, we actually find ourselves learning quite a few tricks-- and being inspired by these contestants' talents, moxy, and of course, passion. And now we can start the journey all over again when the slightly rebranded "Food Network Star" premieres its new season on June 5th at 9pm... [MORE]

"Summer TV sizzles thanks to USA's six scripted dramas"

This morning the USA Network announced their summer schedule, and with it came some pretty big presumptions. First and foremost, they are utterly convinced-- cocky, even-- that the "summer will belong" to USA. With eight scripted shows (including two brand new ones) and WWE on the line-up, is that enough to call it this early? Or do you think the quirky procedurals of TNT or the even more odd-ball comedy of FX may stand a shot? ... [MORE]

"Get to know Richard Castle through his very own website"

Richard Castle-- you know, the famous mystery writer made a household name by Nathan Fillion and ABC's Castle-- has finally launched his own website. How the author of hit novels "Naked Heat" and "Heat Wave" managed to go this long without one-- well, we actually understand since he's usually too involved with New York City homicide cases to really focus on anything else! ... [MORE]

"Raising Hope's Martha Plimpton returns to The Good Wife in May"

Martha Plimpton loves her FOX comedy family on Raising Hope. Over that there is no debate. But she has a deep love for more dramatic work, too, and for many years that was her bread and butter-- guest starring on just about every procedural known to man. Last year she appeared in a very special episode of CBS' The Good Wife as rival attorney Patti Nyholm, drawing rave reviews from fans and critics alike and stirring the pot for Lockhart-Gardner and Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). But this time when she heads back to Chicago she will find herself on the other side of the courtroom.... [MORE]

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