Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: Eric Martsolf Vacations As A Superhero; Lou Diamond Phillips Heads to 'Cougar Town'...

"Eric Martsolf talks guest starring on Smallville, Underoos & a Booster Gold spin-off?"

Everything is coming up gold in Smallville! Booster Gold, that is! Days of our Lives’ Eric Martsolf guest stars as the new, rival superhero for Tom Welling’s Clark Kent/The Blur/Superman as a man who somehow seems to know where all the tragedies are going down before they even go down. He swoops in at the last minute for the photo op, unwilling to hide behind a mask, and hoping to take The Blur’s place in history as the true savior of Metropolis. He even has his own billboards, commercials, and 1-800 number. He fights crime for rewards and fame, and maybe even the women. After all, his presence in the city alone is enough for Cat (Keri Lynn Pratt) to find her competitive side and go for the big promotion at the Daily Planet. He’s kind of a big deal! ... [MORE]

"Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars on Cougar Town-- as himself!"

Cougar Town is about to see a big name guest star. In the May 4th episode entitled "Lonesome Sundown," Lou Diamond Phillips turns up as a potential new member of the cul-de-sac crew when he pops into Grayson (Josh Hopkins)'s bar and bonds a bit with the guys... [MORE]

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