Sunday, April 10, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'FNL' Surpasses Expectations; An ABC Charity Block Party; Colm Feore Offers a History Lesson...

"Friday Night Lights season 5 surpasses "Expectations" with just its premiere"

After seeing the drastic changes undergone during the fourth season of Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins may have grown into manhood but did he really have to do time in the process? He’s much too pretty for prison!), expectations (no pun intended) are higher than ever for the fifth and final season whether you read spoilers from DirecTV’s airing or not. Those beloved characters we have gotten to consider part of our own family over the course of the last few years are still around, but dissipating slowly and surely as Dillon is no longer a place that kids are resigned to stay, thanks in great part to the inspirational teachings of one Tami Taylor (Connie Britton). Their success and sends-offs are almost bittersweet because as they are soaring to new heights, it takes them away from the central story lines and instead asks us to embrace yet another new group of kids. Thankfully, due to some stellar writing and the most important constant of Coach Taylor himself (Kyle Chandler), it is easy to accept these new players to the show just as you would to any actual team... [MORE]

"Start summer with a block party with stars of Desperate Housewives & Castle"

You’ve seen parties go off, usually with a hitch or two, on Wisteria Lane. They have uncovered everything from truths about characters’ family lives, to who was sleeping with whom, and more often than not, they ended in tragedy. But if you’re in Los Angeles on April 16th you have a chance to party on the lane with the stars of Desperate Housewives and a few other ABC shows. And this time you can be guaranteed the drama will be left on-screen. The goal of the evening-- and the event-- is to have fun, watch some live music, and do some good for a very worthy cause... [MORE]

"History made seductive by Colm Feore and The Borgias"

Television, especially the compelling scripted dramas of premium cable channel Showtime, has taught us that is the “anti-heroes” who have the most fun. The ones with darkness in their souls, the ones who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, the ones who are deeply, deeply flawed—they are the ones that are the most seductive and even sexy. But more than that, they are often the ones to which the audience can relate the most because as important as morality may be in story-telling, no one sitting at home can pretend to be pious all of the time. They want to see struggles on-screen so they can feel better about their own. And no show is doing that better right now than The Borgias... [MORE]

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