Monday, April 25, 2011

From LA Examiner: Jake Lacy Dances His Way Into Parenthood on 'Better With You'; Ryan McPartlin Talks All Things 'Chuck'; The CW Photo Previews...

"Jake Lacy dances with Derek Hough on a very special Better With You"

ABC certainly knows how to do synergy! Tonight after a very special Dancing with the Stars comes a very special episode of their sitcom, Better With You. Derek Hough, dance instructor extraordinaire guest stars as, well, a dance instructor who Mia (JoAnna Garcia) and Casey (Jake Lacy) visit after they attend a friend’s wedding, and she fears his dance skills will ruin their own reception... [MORE]

"Ryan McPartlin talks Chuck fandom, directing & a fake Vegas bachelor party"

“Awesome plans—Las Vegas is where we think we’re going to…but we end up going to Las V-e-c-a-s,” Chuck co-star Ryan McPartlin previewed what’s to come in the next special episode of the spy dramedy during a special set visit for the season finale episode... [MORE]

"The Vampire Diaries hosts a screening & a sacrifice!"

The first season of The Vampire Diaries came to a close seeing a new side to Elena (Nina Dobrev), specifically that of her eighteen hundreds ancestor, Katherine. And now that the second season is ramping up to its own end, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is awaiting the sacrifice of one of the two women in order to activate the werewolf side of him and live up to his true potential. And the May 12th episode, "As I Lay Dying", certainly gets Mystic Falls closer to a horrifying conclusion... [MORE]

"Shane West previews various "Betrayals" on Nikita"

“We’re pushing each other’s buttons, and [Percy]’s not dumb! And Amanda, you know, she knows a lot more than anyone thinks. I think truly the one who is the most confused is Berkoff, in that he doesn’t know where to put his loyalties right now," Nikita series star Shane West shared when LA TV Insider Examiner got a chance to have coffee with him on the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles last week... [MORE]

"Lou Diamond Phillips will bring out the fangirl in Cougar Town’s Grayson"

We already showed you some first look photos from Lou Diamond Phillips’ debut Cougar Town episode (he will be in more than one before the season’s end), and now we have some more info on his “character,” straight from scene partner and series co-star Josh Hopkins... [MORE]

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