Friday, April 29, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Love Bites' Finally Gets An Airdate; 'Smallville' Series Finale Sneak Peek...

"NBC makes room for Love Bites on its summer schedule"

Say what you will about being "sloughed off" in a summer time slot, we have seen the previous wasteland of Friday nights become a powerhouse this year with quality scripted programming across multiple networks. So the fact that Vulture reported today that Love Bites has finally found a home on the peacock network (in the summer scheduled) can in fact mean good things... [MORE]

"Smallville series finale sneak peek"

If you've been watching Michael Rosenbaum in his new FOX comedy Breaking In then seeing him don the Lex Luthor bald cap once again is a bit jarring. But somehow, even if you're taken aback, it looks like he has come home, doesn't it? ... [MORE]

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