Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From LA Examiner: Meet Samuel Colt on 'Supernatural'; Christian Slater "Breaks In" To FOX; 'Glee' Goes Monster-Sized; 'Happy Endings' Review...

"Meet Samuel Colt (Supernatural)!"

The "Frontierland" episode of Supernatural is already shaping up to be quite the classic! Spurs, Stetsons, and stand-offs, oh my! While searching for a way to defeat the Mother of All once and, well, for all, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) go back in time to meet Samuel Colt (guest star Sam Hennings). It all starts when Dean stumbles upon his journal in the Campbell library and realizes he may just have the answer to their problems. After all, the man created a gun that could kill demons; surely he had a few other tricks up his sleeve! ... [MORE]

"Syfy casting Face Off season two in L.A. and N.Y.C. this weekend"

Calling all SFX make-up artists (or aspiring ones)! You saw season one of Syfy's Face Off offer new experiences, challenges, and chances in the world of incredible face make-up as living art, and now they are coming back for a second season. What's even better is Syfy is holding open casting calls so that anyone who wants $100,000 and to launch a career in the entertainment industry can take part... [MORE]

Christian Slater has tried his hand at television quite a few times before, and recently, too, but for a variety of reasons, nothing ever quite stuck. Until now, or at least he hopes. Slater stars in FOX’ new half-hour quirky comedy Breaking In as Oz, the head of a high-tech security firm that uses its people to actually try to breach security in order for companies to see their weak spots... [MORE]

"Glee to air a "monster of an episode" to pay homage to Lady Gaga"

On April 26th at 8pm, glee will be getting super-sized. In the special ninety-minute episode entitled "Born This Way" (yes, that's right, the kids are taking on Lady Gaga once again), Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) teaches New Directions a "valuable lesson" about self-acceptance and embracing what makes them each unique through the music of Lady Gaga. Wait, didn't they try that one already? Well, the "Mother Monster" has a new hit single, and it is just too good for Ryan Murphy and Co. to pass up so hold on to your stuffed Muppets and strips of meat, folks, because they're diving back in for more! ... [MORE]

"Blake Anderson talks taking Workaholics to Comedy Central"

Blake Anderson. Remember that name. The pizza-delivery-man-turned-internet-sketch-comedic-actor is premiering tonight on Comedy Central in a half-hour comedy series ironically titled Workaholics. Starring along side his Mail Order Comedy buddies Anders Holm and Adam DeVine, Anderson and his soon-to-be-notorious locks take over the small screen as a guy who is fresh out of college and into his first job as a telemarketer, stuck in an office during business hours but stuck in a stoner attitude 24/7... [MORE]

"Advance Review: We want to hang with the Happy Endings gang!"

Most relationship shows focus on the “will they or won’t they” of their central couple. It is the circumstantial push and pull that sets up conflict, drama, and obstacles to stand in their way of happiness and ultimately keep the viewers tuning in with something to hope for-- but ABC’s newest relationship comedy Happy Endings shatters the traditions and the formulas of any and all of the relationship comedies before it, even the ones currently on air, by having a couple break up within the opening scene of the pilot episode. And it is in that very specific action that a new story will be told on television-- a story that is completely compelling, heart-warming, and extremely relatable, breathing new life into an extremely overly done (especially this television season) genre... [MORE]

"Bravo picks up 7 more reality shows plus a scripted one"

Exactly one week to the day that Bravo announced eleven new reality series coming for the Fall 2011 season, they have announced seven more that they are currently developing. Your guess is as good as ours as to where they're going to make room for all of these new shows, but they also plan to team up with Lionsgate for a scripted program. Mid-life crisis, Bravo? Maybe. Or maybe a brilliant scheduling slate. Take a look at the list of shows below and be the judge for yourself! ... [MORE]

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