Thursday, April 7, 2011

From LA Examiner: Meet 'The Vampire Diaries' Klaus; Things Get Steamy on 'Nikita'; Billie Piper Says Good-Bye to Showtime; Fave 'FNL' Humorous Quotes

"The Vampire Diaries: Mystic Falls prepares to meet Klaus"

Though The Vampire Diaries returns from hiatus tomorrow, April 7th, on The CW, the mysterious and oldest living-- well, not quite living, but you know what we mean-- vampire is still yet to be seen. Though Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will be name-dropped often in the first few episodes back, he will not make his physical presence known until the April 21st episode entitled "Klaus." Fitting, no? ... [MORE]

"Nikita uses the past to explain how the Mikita relationship may move forward"

What is it about seemingly forbidden love that gets TV fans in such a twitter? No pun intended, but when we took to the aptly named social media network to ask Nikita fans what they wanted to know about the long-awaited return-from-hiatus episode “Covenant” all of the questions we got were about Mikita... [MORE]

"Billie Piper compares The Secret Diary of a Call Girl finale to The Sopranos"

After four fabulous (and at times controversial) years, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is coming to an end. Though the series finale has already aired on the other side of the pond, it will be available for local fans in just a few weeks on Showtime. When we had a chance to chat with Billie Piper, the brilliant actress behind Hannah aka Belle, she called the end “bittersweet”-- and for a variety of reasons... [MORE]

"Reflecting on Friday Night Lights: Best Comedic Quotes"

Friday Night Lights may have come to a close officially, but its final season has not aired for the masses. Yet. The thirteen episodes of season five are tackling Fridays for NBC, and in order to celebrate (and pay our respects), we spent the last few months looking back-- on the Panthers, the Lions, the Taylors, Saracens, and Riggins’. And we selected our favorite quotes from the first four seasons so far, both of the serious and inspirational, as well as funny variety. Because while the show was a great, tear-jerking ensemble drama, it made for some really cute and lighter-hearted slices of life, too... [MORE]

"FOX renews Bob's Burgers; H. Jon Benjamin won't get a break yet!"

FOX continues to stump and surprise with its scheduling decisions. Though Bob's Burgers has been on the bubble, drawing meager ratings (1.7 in the coveted 18-49 demographic), the network has announced today that they have renewed it for a second season... [MORE]

"Showtime orders 12 episodes of House of Lies and Homeland"

Showtime announced today that they are officially adding two new series to their line-up of acclaimed original programming. Homeland, a one-hour drama starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin has been greenlit for a twelve-episode first season, as has House of Lies, which will star Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell... [MORE]

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